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  • What's the Juiciest Shisha Tobacco?

    Renowned all over the world for its high quality, traditional fruit flavors, Al Fakher shisha starts our list off with a range of mega-tasty and very juicy flavors. Some of the juiciest flavors include:

  • Summer Shisha Barbeque - How to Throw a Great Hookah Party

    Summertime is full of barbecues, pool parties, and relaxation. It's the perfect time to throw a bowl of shisha into the mix and have a summer hookah party. With the right set-up, you can pull off an amazing hookah barbecue (by which I mean smoking hookah and grilling, not barbecuing your shisha; because that would be gross).

  • Mya Saray Helix Hookah

    The Mya Helix is the most recent addition to the Mya Saray hookah family. Very similar to the popular Leila hookah (that is no longer manufactured), the 14" Mya Helix is self-contained and has a rock solid design. Let us show you!
    Mya Helix Mya Saray Helix Hookah Mya Helix Hookah
    Mya Helix Travel Hookah

    Featuring a sturdy glass bass with gold embossing and elegant etching, the Mya Helix's most advanced feature is its metal cap design. Containing a large rubber grommet, the cap of the Helix presses firmly into place, ensuring an air tight seal; this gives you a sturdy base so your coals have a smaller chance of toppling off, and it comes apart easily for cleaning.

    The unique bowl in this hookah features a built-in tray that eliminates the need for foil. But where's the purge valve?! Well that's easy! It's on top of the hookah, letting gravity take care of getting the bb perfectly back in place after every purge. You can absolutely use a different bowl of your choice if you have Mya Bowl Converter. You can also choose from 10 different base colors, and this hookah comes with a 60" Mya washable hose.


    mya helix hookah bowl

  • Hookah Independence - Customizing a Unique Hookah Set-Up

    It's almost time for the 4th of July! That means fireworks, cookouts, and of course, hookah. July 4th is all about celebrating independence, so what better time to celebrate your hookah independence. What's that? Well, I just made it up. But it is a perfect phrase to use when describing what makes your hookah - your hookah. One of the things that makes hookah so great is your ability to customize it. You can customize almost any part. You don't have to be a slave to your setup - try something new! Switch things up. Make your setup unique. Celebrate your hookah independence.