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  • How to Prevent Hookah Headache

    You're halfway through your hookah session, smoking a delicious bowl of shisha tobacco, and suddenly you realize you're not feeling too well. You have a headache, dizziness, or even nausea, you're annoyingly sensitive to light and sound, and now your hookah session is ruined. Does this scenario sound familiar?

  • Hookafina Blak Flavor Reviews

    Hookafina has introduced a new line of shisha tobacco, Hookafina Blak. This shisha skillfully melds old world influence with contemporary flavors, producing an intense, robust tobacco with a delicious kick. 

  • The Best Double Apple Shisha Flavors

    Double Apple shisha - sometimes called Two Apples, or sometimes even a wacky name that has neither the words "double" nor "apple" - is an absolutely classic hookah tobacco flavor that people have loved to smoke for ages. Double Apple blends juicy apple fruit flavor with anise (black licorice), which isn't everyone's cup of tea, but is still one of the most popular flavors of hookah tobacco in the world. Pretty much every single shisha brand has its own Double Apple flavor, or something very similar. With so many options, it may be confusing stepping into the world of Double Apple shisha for the first time.