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24" Econo Mya Thunder Hookah

Product# Mya-EconoThunder
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The Econo Mya Thunder is here to teach you a lesson in simplicity.  This Econo Mya hookah stands 24 inches tall and is an elegant study in simple design.  The slender, curved, silver stem sits atop a beautiful clear glass vase which is etched with floral patterns.  The heart or hub of the hookah features 4 hose ports which make this hookah available in configurations with up to 4 hoses.  While some hookahs attack your senses with bright colors and flashy designs, the Econo Mya Thunder sits alone, calm and composed, and quite ready to produce some thunderous clouds of hookah smoke.

The Mya Econo Thunder Hookah comes with a black Mya Synthetic leather hose, and a Mya Ceramic hookah bowl. If you are ordering a multi-hose option, it will come with as many hoses as necessary. 

NOTE: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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