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How To Blow Smoke Rings

Smoke Rings

The most important thing to know about successfully blowing a smoke ring is this: you are going to look kind of dumb. Admitting this fact is the first step, now we can move on to execution!

How do smoke rings work?

I'm so glad you asked! There is actually a science behind the wicked sweet 'O's. Simply put: when air is pushed through a narrow space, a vortex is created in the center as the periferal air is slowed due to drag. Luckily you do not need to be a scientist to do tricks with smoke.

Smoke Ring TrainTraining Wheels Method to Blow a Smoke Ring

We're going to go ahead and call this, 'The Tap Out'. Pretty much anyone can create a steady stream of small smoke rings by simply tapping on their cheek as they exhale hookah smoke. Take a deep inhale from your hookah hose, create a tight 'O' shape with your mouth, and as you exhale, use your pointer finger to repetitively tap the sucked in part of one of your cheeks.


Blow Smoke Rings Using Vowels!

A, E, I, O...O...O! This method is a little more difficult because it takes tremendous breath control and a familiarity with smoke density. Take a deep drag and then open your throat and try to make your mouth as hollow as possible. Keep your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth, you won't need it. Exhale very slowly until just your mouth is densely filled with smoke. Next, you’ll want to stop exhaling, make your “o” face, then produce the tiniest sound with your throat – almost as if you’re softly sounding out a vowel ('A', 'O' and 'E' seem to work the best).  You’ll want to maintain a sort of exhalation equilibrium: just the right sized burst of air. Too much air will cause the ring to collapse; not enough air will produce a non-ring.



This approach involves more muscle control. Follow the same steps as above until your mouth is as hollowed out as possible and filled with dense smoke. Put your lips into an 'o' and pop your jaw forward while simultaneously using your tongue as a springboard, producing a short burst of air. Each successive ring will be less dense than the previous due to a dwindling supply of smoke in your mouth. This is a little easier, but will still take some practice!

Smoke Mustache

Do you have a smoke trick or smoking tip that you'd like to share? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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