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How Pharaoh's Changed the Game: Two New Must-Try Hookah Hoses

         2 New Hookah Hoses

2 New Hookah Hoses You Have to Try

We have just received a couple new hookah hoses here at Hookah Company and, after trying them out, we can only conclude that these are not your grandfather's hookah hoses. The guys over at Pharaoh's are really onto something here with this revolutionary new hose technology. These next-gen hookah hoses each serve their own specific functions. You know, aside from being ordinary hoses. Introducing the Swivel Hose and the Flexx Hose from Pharaoh's!

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Pharaoh's Flexx Hookah Hose

The Flexx Hose, it may look like an ordinary hose, maybe even a little too short based on the photo, right? Not exactly. The Flexx hose comes as a fairly small, 18 inch unit. However, the catch here is that this hose has the ability to extend up to 73 inches in total length. That means reduced tipping of your hookah, a wider radius of movement while holding the hose, and once compacted this hose is super easy to store in small places. It's just an added bonus that this hose is made from high quality plastic material that will reduce the amount of ghosting caused by your shisha, ensuring a clean smoke each time.

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Pharaoh's Flexx Hose

Pharaoh's Swivel Hookah Hose

The Swivel Hose from Pharaoh's also employs added technology to an otherwise normal hookah hose. The hose plug is equipped with a swivel joint that allows your hose to freely rotate within your hookah's hose port. This seemingly simple design might leave you wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?" The swivel joint enables your hookah hose to be easily manipulated and will cut down on those intense moments in which you almost tip your entire hookah over while passing the hose. It also bears the brunt of the weight of the hose, which will help prevent your hose from slipping out of the hose port after extended use. The interior of the hose is high grade surgical silicone, and prevents your hose from capturing every flavor you've ever smoked, much in the same way as the Flexx Hose. 

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Pharaoh's Swivel Hookah Hose


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