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5 Unique Shisha Flavors Only Produced by HookaH-HookaH

Established in 2004, HookaH-HookaH hit the ground running with terrific flavors of shisha tobacco by 2005. After a decade of service, HookaH-HookaH has slowly but steadily gained popularity among the world of hookah enthusiasts. Their shisha features finely cut Virginia tobacco that is loaded with molasses. In addition to that, they feature some of the most exclusive flavors ever produced by any shisha makers, period. 

Acai Berry HookaH-HookaH

Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) berries are known as a "super food" due to all the health benefits they offer. Like a real açaí berry, this shisha flavor has a distinctive tart berry flavor, with rich undertones of what can only be described as "chocolate-ish". It makes for a nice smoke session, and according to a Wiki on 'what açaí berries taste like', the flavor of this shisha replicates that of a real açaí berry perfectly.

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Acai Berry HookaH-HookaH Shisha

Graham Crackers HookaH-HookaH

S'mores anyone? Graham Crackers is a really useful flavor for making creative shisha mixes. It's a nice, sweet flavor that nicely replicates real Graham Crackers. We've used it around our offices to create a S'mores mix, Lemon Meringue pie, banana pudding, and other delectable flavor blends that can only be created with the right complement of graham cracker.

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Graham Crackers HookaH-HookaH Shisha

Key Lime Pime HookaH-HookaH

You won't find this flavor anywhere else, not in the shisha tobacco form anyway. Key Lime Pie is a sweet and pleasantly sour blend of a powerful lime, with tones of vanilla and a graham cracker crust to sweeten the flavor a bit. This flavor is amazing on its own accord, we've really never smoked anything quite like it. Of course you can get creative and create your own custom shisha mixes with Key Lime Pie, but the original intent behind this one was for this flavor to be smoked by itself in the bowl.

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Key Lime Pie HookaH-HookaH Shisha

Peanut Butter HookaH-HookaH

Peanut Butter is perfection. You won't believe how accurate the smell and flavor of this shisha is. It can certainly be smoked on its own, but this shisha flavor functions better as part of a hookah mix. Think PB&J! Of course, you can go even more creative than that if you want but is there anything more ultimate than a peanut butter and jelly mix? Please do let us know if you come up with something better. We'll wait right here.

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Peanut Butter HookaH-HookaH Shisha

Spiced Rum HookaH-HookaH

Aside from a famous Captain by the name of Morgan, we have not yet tried Spiced Rum. We did give it a smell and it has a subtle aroma of alcohol with some light spicy tones and hints of oak and some vanilla. We asked a few hookah enthusiasts what they like mixing with Spiced Rum and we were told a bit of cinnamon goes a long way. Or you can go traditional with it and mix it with some Cola for a classic Rum n' Coke!

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Spiced Rum HookaH-HookaH

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