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Khalil Mamoon Landing: 4 New KMs You Gotta See

Khalil Mamoon has released a series of immaculate new hookahs onto the hookahverse that sport some new and unique design features and interesting new spins on previously released designs. These 4 new models are part of a larger series of Khalil Mamoons scheduled to be released this year. These 4 models are some of the most modern looking Egyptian hookahs they have ever released, and this is only the beginning. 

Khalil Mamoon Sadaf

The Sadaf hookah features an extremely unique design, incorporating pearlescent accent pieces never before used on a Khalil Mamoon hookah. These accent pieces each feature colorful artistry that match the overall color scheme of the hookah of your choosing. The Sadaf is available in red, blue, or black (pictured). Additionally, the Sadaf boasts a decorated ice chamber as well, designed to aid in cooling down your smoke sessions for smoother smoke.

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Acai Berry HookaH-HookaH Shisha

Khalil Mamoon Oxidized Shamadan

This 30 inch hookah features a gold and black shaft, created by the process of Oxidation. This process gives the hookah shaft the rustic and traditional look you see pictured to the right. The shaft features the same design concept as the KM Shamadan Tall hookah in terms of structure, the only difference is that this OX Shamadan is about 5" shorter and of course, shows off the beauty of metal oxidation.

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Graham Crackers HookaH-HookaH Shisha

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Ice

Introducing arguably the most popular Khalil Mamoon hookah ever made, the KM Shareef! Now, this insanely popular hookah boasts a large ice chamber which allows for cooled smoke production, eliminating those harsh and unpleasant hookah sessions. Other than the ice chamber, this hookah is slightly shorter than the original Shareef hookah, standing at about 29 inches compared to the 33 inch height of its predecessor.

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Key Lime Pie HookaH-HookaH Shisha

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Ice Short

And lastly, the KM Shareef Ice Short. The Shareef Ice Short is - SURPRISE SURPRISE - the short version of the Shareef Ice. It features the same Ice Chamber, but it stands at about 2 inches shorter, totalling 6 fewer inches than the original Shareef. This is the perfect Khalil Mamoon hookah for those looking for a more compact version of a traditional Egyptian hookah.

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Peanut Butter HookaH-HookaH Shisha

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