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5 Tell Tale Signs That You Need a New Hookah

Are you still hanging on to the past? Still forcing yourself to coax dusty clouds from that rickety old hookah you found in your great grandfather's attic 10 years ago? It might just be time for a new hookah. But how do you know when that time is nigh?

Well, let your hookah tell you. There are plenty of signs that will indicate that your hookah needs to be replaced, you just have to look for them. Some good indicators that you need a new hookah would be excessive rust, too much flavor ghostingdamaged metals and air leaks, or broken bases (which can also be individually replaced). Obviously there is a myriad of other factors that can come into play, but these are the most common issues we see that may cause a need for a replacement hookah.

We had a little fun with the 5 most common tell-tale signs that you need a new hookah. Enjoy!


Your hookah is covered with so much rust, you'd swear it was recovered directly from the wreckage of the Titanic. Unfortunately there's not much to be done about rust after a certain point. Time to ditch that rustbucket and get yourself a real hookah!

Titanic Wreckage Hookah


Your hookah tastes like every flavor of shisha you have ever smoked - with each session. 

Flavor ghosting is an annoying problem. Ever bought a new hookah, loaded up a bowl of Double Apple (for example), and then every single smoke session after that all you can taste is Double Apple? Well, that means the interior of your hookah is basically stained with Double Apple residue; often this happens because the hookah wasn't cleaned thoroughly or soon enough after a good smoke session. Whatever the reason that caused your hookah to ghost a certain flavor, it is really difficult to "unghost" a hookah. It's important to regularly clean your hookah.

All The Flavors

Your hookah is so beat up, it looks like it just survived the Hunger Games.

Hookah Hunger Games

You lost or destroyed your hookah base, and decided to use Grandma's Urn as a replacement. Just get a new hookah. At the very least, replace your base already! It's the least you can do for Nana. Assuming you transferred her ashes into another urn.

Nana's Ashes Hookah Base

You visited Turkey, and found a hookah that was made in the 1600s, so you think you found the Holy Grail. Pro-Tip: Centuries old hookahs are a nice novelty, but you have not discovered the Holy Grail. These super old hookahs often have airflow issues, taste like 200 years of dirt, or just don't provide a quality smoke session. 

It's time for a new hookah.

Old Hookahs Are Not the Holy Grail

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