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Limoncello from Fumari is Available Now

               Limoncello Fumari Shisha

Fumari Limoncello Shisha Tobacco Now Available

The famous Italian mixed beverage purpotedly originated in Italy in the early 1900s, and has taken over one hundred years to be turned into a shisha tobacco flavor. But finally, Fumari has released their newest flavor which just so happens to be the historically delicious and sweet flavor of Limoncello. It is said that the Limoncello drink was traditionally served to honored guests in its chilled form, for their enjoyment. Now you can offer honored guests in your home a refreshing bowl of Limoncello!

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Fumari Limoncello Shisha

A crisp, sweet splash of lemon drop mixed into your shisha bowl. This sugary paradise is both sweet and a little sour, and makes for a great hookah session on its own or as part of a citrus blend. We can confirm that this flavor also mixes really well with mint shisha as well. 

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Limoncello Fumari Shisha


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