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Introducing the Apple on Top Provost Heat Management System

        Apple on Top Provost Heat Management System

Apple on Top Provost Heat Management System

Introducing the most effective new heat management system, also designed specifically to fit the Apple on Top Hookah Bowl with perfect precision. The base of the Provost snugly fits in the anondized aluminum rim of the AOT bowl, for ease and convenience. The device works the same as the Kaloud Lotus, in the way it doubles as a windcover and can even act as a foil replacement product.

The Provost is made of stainless steel that is designed to take on extremely high temperatures and should be used with 2-4 hookah charcoals, it is recommended to use natural coconut hookah coals to ensure longevity in your smoking session. Although the Provost is relatively low maintenance in terms of cleaning, when the time comes, the device can be easily cleaned using water or a combination of water and baking soda, with some lemon juice for added effectiveness. Other than that, there should be little to no rusting or deterioration of the Provost even with extended use. 

The use of the Provost is essentially identical to the Kaloud Lotus - simply add your red hot coals into the device, we recommended starting with 2-3 coals to get it started, and close the vented lid to trap all the heat near the surface of the shisha bowl. It is important not to handle the Provost with your bare hands once you have the coals inside as the metal heats up extremely hot extremely quickly. Once the bowl is sufficiently heated, you're ready to smoke.

Take a couple "test puffs" from the hose to see how your bowl is smoking so far. If the smoke is too hot, go ahead and open your vents for a couple minutes and let it sit and cool. If you're not getting enough smoke, try adding that 4th coal if you haven't done so already. It may take a little tempering before you master the perfect setup for the Provost, but you'll get there.

Additionally, the Provost does not have to be used exclusively with the Apple on Top bowl, although it is specifically designed to fit the AOT perfectly. However, if you already have a bowl with which you're satisified, you can definitely use the Provost with it! 

Happy Smoking!

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