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MOAR HAZE Tobacco: 5 Amazing Flavors Added to the Lineup

Ask and ye shall receive. We've gotten tons of requests to add more and more Haze to our lineup, and we can say with confidence that we will certainly be doing all we can to bring all the Haze flavors possible to Hookah Company: Starting now! We just brought in 5 new flavors that will remain in our rotation here, and hopefully yours as well.

Read on to learn more about the newest Haze flavors featured here at Hookah Company!

Hazel Eyez Haze

Hazel Eyez by Haze (say that 5 times fast) is a delicious blend of a robust hazelnut coffee flavor. The smell is predominantly hazelnut with trace hints of coffee. Upon smoking Hazel Eyez, we notice that the flavor is a little lighter than the smell may lead a smoker to believe, with a strong hazelnut flavor on the inhale and a nice coffee exhale. The flavor could be bolder, but that doesn't stop this flavor from being an amazing mixer with other popular Haze flavors. 

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Hazel Eyez Haze Shisha Tobacco

Pear Haze

Pear is a delicious, yet simple flavor that is pretty well-sought after in the hookah world. Haze has made an excellent Pear spice flavor that is great for solo smoke sessions and makes a great mix with other citrus flavors of the same brand. This blend works especially well with melon flavors (maybe Melon Blast?) when mixed together. Try it now!

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Pear Haze Shisha Tobacco

Pumpkin Pleasure Haze

It is pumpkin-everything season, so why not smoke on some of that deliciousness as well, amirite? Although pumpkin is generally a seasonal dessert flavor, you can smoke it year-round thanks to Haze. Mix in a bit of spice and/or cream and you've really got a nice pumpkin spice blend to enjoy for the holidays. This has been one of our favorite Haze flavors so far.

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Pumpkin Pleasure Haze Shisha Tobacco

Rose Haze

Rose! No, not Rose from the movie 'Titanic', but Rose from Haze. Rose is one of the all time greatest flavors to use as a mixer along with other flavors. This floral, aromatic flavor seems to change as it is mixed with other flavors, and yields incredibly rewarding and unpredictable results depending on the flavor it's been mixed with. If you're a fan of making amazing shisha mixes, pick up a tin of Rose because there is no telling what you'll be able to come up with!

Buy Rose Here

Rose Haze Shisha Tobacco

Twice the Apple Haze

Like the name implies, this is Haze's version of Double Apple. If you are a fan of modern shisha tobacco flavors, but like to mix the old in with the new; try Twice the Apple. It's a very powerful two apples blend that is a smidge lighter on the licorice flavor (anise) than your traditional Nakhla or Al Fakher two apple producers, but still holds true to the traditional hookah tobacco flavor. 

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Twice the Apple Haze Shisha Tobacco


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