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All About the New Starbuzz Vintage Shisha

After over 2 years of research and development, Starbuzz has finally unveiled their much heralded line of shisha tobacco. This brand new line has ironically been dubbed Starbuzz Vintage. This shisha line is made from dark leaf tobacco, and is in fact the first black leaf tobacco line shisha ever created by Starbuzz. The dark leaf blends feature heavier, more robust flavor blends that result in even heavier nicotine buzzes. 

Vintage is an unwashed shisha, meaning it contains more nicotine than a typical bowl of regular Starbuzz shisha, and results in a bit of a heavier buzz. 

Dark Mist Starbuzz Vintage

Dark Mist is a robust blackberry flavor made with Starbuzz's world famous Mist flavor. The combination leads to a heavy, delicious blackberry blend unrivaled by other renditions of blackberry. 

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Starbuzz Vintage Dark Mist

Dark Vanilla Starbuzz Vintage

Smooth, robust, rich, creamy. If I could only choose one word to describe this Dark Vanilla flavor, I'd pick those four. This is by far the boldest and most prevalent vanilla shisha flavor on the market now. 

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Starbuzz Vintage Dark Vanilla

Fresh Lime Starbuzz Vintage

Fresh Lime features a sweet and sour blend of lime flavored that is toned down slightly by the dark leaf tobacco. A bowl of this is sure to give you a taste of the lip puckering goodness you are looking for with an exclusively lime based shisha. Mix it or smoke it on its own, it's all gravy! Actually, it's all lime all the time.

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Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime

Indian Spiced Apple Starbuzz Vintage

Old School + Old School = Vintage! Starbuzz Vintage's rendition of Indian Spiced Apple takes the best elements of Indian spice called masala and combines it with classic double apple. The result is a splendid mixture of two age old flavors that will leave you yearning for the simpler times. 

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Starbuzz Vintage Indian Spiced Apple

Orange Chocolate Starbuzz Vintage

Simple, but effective - orange chocolate combines a sweet and citrusy orange flavor and mixes it with a smooth and delicious milk chocolate complement. This classic snack has been flawlessly recreated as a shisha flavor as a result.

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Starbuzz Vintage Orange Chocolate

Peach Spice Starbuzz Vintage

Juicy and spicy all at once, Peach Spice combines delectable peach fruits with heavy spicy tones to create the peachy blend of the century. While that may be a slight exaggeration, the challenge still lies on the table to find a better peach blend. Go!

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Starbuzz Vintage Peach Spice

Spice Me Red Starbuzz Vintage

Imagine every red fruit you can think of. Now, in your imagination, throw all those mouth-watering red fruits into a blender and mix em up. As they are mixing, add just a pinch of spice. Congratulations! You have just learned how to Spice Me Red. 

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Starbuzz Vintage Spice Me Red

Sweet Cigar Starbuzz Vintage

Featuring sugary sweet tones complemented by strong tobacco notes and balanced out by dark tobacco leaves; Sweet Cigar is the perfect flavor for the vintage smoker who is perpetually unimpressed by fruity hookah mixes. 

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Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar

Tiramisu Starbuzz Vintage

It tastes and smells like a Tiramisu cake, period! The flavor almost resembles that of Turkish Coffee while featuring sweet and creamy tones that tie the mix together. This is the only Tiramisu you can inhale without choking yourself by inhaling powdered sugar!

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Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu

White Mist Starbuzz Vintage

White Mist offers a subtle combination of white grape, mint, other fruit tones and a heavy dose of creamy boldness. This is a lighter flavor compared to the rest of the Vintage line, but definitely one of the more memorable mixes.

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Starbuzz Vintage White Mist


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