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Khalil Mamoon Sale: The 4 KMs of Christmas

'Tis the season! Why not give the gift of hookah? Khalil Mamoon Hookah, to be exact. 

These 4 Khalil Mamoon hookah models are among our best selling hookah models available, and for a limited time we will be sending free gifts with these select 4 models. Each hookah will come with a free 100 pack of Halo hookah foil, a black premium hookah hose cover, a Vortex Hookah Bowl, and a 72-piece box of Medwakh natural hookah coals!

This is a value of $35.96 that we are giving away for free for the holidays! With all those freebies, you can set up any hookah smoker with everything they could possibly need to get started with their new hookah before you even finish opening up all your presents on Christmas morning. If you want to sweeten the pot a little, toss in one of our shisha value packs to ensure complete perfection!

Freebies with Purchase Of Select Hookahs

Happy Holiday Khalil Mamoon Cheops

Even without all the awesome gifts, the Cheops is among the fan favorites of all the Khalil Mamoon hookahs available on our website. Standing at 29" tall, the Cheops is a classic Egyptian style hookah, and the blue adorments on the hose and the base make for a beautifully eye-catching piece. 

Buy the Happy Holiday Cheops Here

KM Cheops Hookah

Happy Holiday Khalil Mamoon Ice General

This 31 inch hookah features an ornate and bulbous shaft that is unique to Khalil Mamoon hookahs. The striking gold and silver shaft is certain to make this hookah stand out as a centerpiece, and the built-in ice chamber will ensure the coolest and smoothest sessions imagineable. 

Buy the Ice General Here

KM Ice General Hookah

Happy Holiday Khalil Mamoon Double Pear Tall

A gentle giant, the Khalil Mamoon Double Pear stands at a tremendous 42" in height. The black pears on the hookah itself actually function as additional airflow chambers that help to provide more room for those puffy clouds while ensuring a smooth smoking experience. 

Buy Double Pear Here

KM Double Pear Tall Hookah

Happy Holiday Khalil Mamoon Alomdah

Lastly, the Alomdah hookah. This 35" tall beauty is the embodiment of Egyptian hookahs. The intricately raised etchings on the wide downstem are unique features that make this hookah pop like no other. This hookah never fails to provide smooth and flavorful clouds of hookah smoke.

Buy Alomdah Here

KM Alomdah Hookah


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