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2 Brand New Social Smoke Flavors

     2 New Social Smoke Flavors

2 Brand New Social Smoke Flavors!

Just in time for the Christmas season, we have picked up two new and exciting shisha flavors for your smoking pleasure. Last time we did this, we released a lot of 'chill' flavors (Cantaloupe Chill and Pear Chill, to be exact) for the fall season. Now, we're back to release a little more chill into your life! More than that, though, we have a couple citrus blends that are going to melt your mind and leave you wanting more with each puff. Check em out below!

Happy Smoking!

Social Smoke Citrus Chill

It's a little citrus, a little chill. Chill simply means mint, so this new flavor is a tasty citrus mint blend rich in orange and lime tones, and brought down to a slow cool by the subtle elements of mint. Citrus Chill is a definite must-try for our Social Smoke faithful.

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Citrus Chill Social Smoke


Social Smoke Citrus Peach

Yummy citrus and yummy peach, this blend is on par with with one of the most delectable Sex on the Beach drinks you've ever had, albeit non-alcoholic (sorry, cocktail drinkers). Regardless, this tasty mix is going to make a great addition to your shisha lineup - and fits in a stocking! 

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Citrus Peach Social Smoke

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