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Introducing the Wookah Wooden Hookahs

          New Wookah Hookahs

The Almighty Wookah

The Wookah is here! Featuring three different finishes of high-quality wood of your choosing, the Wookah will not disappoint. Each Wookah will feature the option to select from 1 of 8 amazing high-quality crystal base designs. Each base comes with a different hand engraved pattern that will give your Wookah a unique look to it. This choice of course comes after you select the wood finish from one of our 3 options; OakMerbau, or Walnut

Each Wookah featured stands at a modest 25 inches in height, and smokes like the smoothest of dreams thanks to the wide gauged downstem and perfectly airtight seals created by the maching-lathing process used to make the Wookahs as precise and consistent as possible.

Happy Smoking!

Oak Wookah

There are few woods stronger than the mighty oak. This Wookah comes all the way from Poland with much love and much to brag about. The hookah stands at 25 inches tall and the exterior of the shaft is comprised of high-quality oak wood. The interior of the Wookah shaft is reinforced with stainless steel that works to prevent rusting and ghosting of old hookah flavors.

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Oak Wookah Hookah

Merbau Wookah

Merbau wood is found in remote regions across the world, including Africa and Australia, and is an incredibly durable wood material that is found in mangrove forests. Merbau is most commonly used for wood flooring because of its extreme durability. So if you're looking for something as durable as it is beautiful, it's definitely time to pick up the Merbau Wookah.

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Oak Wookah Hookah  

Walnut Wookah

Walnut wood is highly valued as timber as it is extremely hard wood due to its high density, and is widely used among manufacturers of numerous goods like firearms, pipe organs and is even used as high end wood grain in cars.  Make no mistake about it, Walnut Wookahs are the way to go if you are a spare-no-expense type of hookah smoker. 

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Pharaoh's Scarab Hookah


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