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What Are the Best Nirvana Flavors? Top 10 Nirvana Shisha Flavors

Nirvana Shisha Tobacco is an extra strong mix of hookah tobacco that is infused with Dokha tobacco, a middle Eastern dry tobacco that is incredibly high in nicotine content. If you're looking for a shisha tobacco that offers a heavy head buzz, look no further than Nirvana! Nirvana shisha is arguably gives the best shisha buzz of any other brands available today.

Here at Hookah Company we present the top ten most popular flavors of Nirvana Super Shisha Tobacco:

10. Berry Blast - Ready for a blast of assorted berries? That's exactly what this flavor is. The sweet berry notes are as buzzy as they are delectable, and the mint cooldown really hits that sweet spot.

9.  Frank the Tank - This blend of grapefruit and various citrus flavors is a sweet and sour blend of amazingness captured in one container of shisha tobacco. Works great as a mix or as a stand alone flavor.

8. Optimus Lime - Here's the Lime flavor that Nirvana has been missing in years past. Optimus Lime is a solid sour lime flavor that was only recently released by Nirvana. You'll never need to try another new lime flavor again.  

7. Sex Monkey - Nirvana is not Monkeyin' around with this magical medley of mint, melon and the ever-enigmatic mystery flavor, Sex Monkey is worth a try if you're up for a little adventure in your life!

Frank the Tank Nirvana Super ShishaSex Monkey Nirvana Super Shisha

6. Weapons Grade Mint - Load up the chamber and cock back the hammer with some hot coals and prepare for for a firing squad of mint right to your face. 

5. Not Now I'm Naked - This Melon-Grape mix is complemented with a sweet mint kicker at the end, and the best part is it tastes amazing whether you're naked or not! Phew! 

4. It's About to Get Weird - As if it didn't get weird enough with Not Now I'm Naked, well, It's About to Get Weird. This fruit medley mix also features a spicy mint element that makes conventional weird seem normal.

3. Schnozzberries - They don't really taste like Schnozzberries! Or do they? What do schnozzberries taste like? Well, this shisha flavor is so unique that we can only surmise that this is actually what Schnozzberries taste like. A mixed berry mashup of amazingness in your mouth.

Not Now I'm Naked Nirvana Super ShishaWeapons Grade Mint Nirvana Super Shisha

2. Punishmint - Punishmint is a classic mint flavor that is light enough to mix with any Nirvana flavor while it's also powerful enough to make for an amazing bowl on its own. This is a top seller not only for its excellent flavor, buit its amazing versatility as well.

1. WTF Alice - What a flavor! WTF Alice is one of the original Nirvana flavors, and it remains the most popular flavor of theirs for good reason. This is a blend of rose, jasmine, vanilla and mint that jumps out of the packaging as soon as you open it and virtually begs to be smoked. The unforgettable combination of flavors comes through as a spicy, yet floral blend that sends you down a shisha rabbit hole from which you may never escape.


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