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Round 2: All New Nirvana Flavors

Round 2: New Nirvana Flavors

Round 2 of New Nirvana Shisha Flavors

Finally the remainder of our Nirvana shipment hath arrived at our warehouse. Last week, we featured 4 brand new flavors from Nirvana - but that was only the beginning. Nirvana has doubled down and released 8 more new amazing flavors to their lineup just in time for the upcoming holiday season. All these flavors fall into the 'must-try' category if you're already a fan of Nirvana, so go ahead and pick up all 8 of them today. We believe in you. 

Happy Smoking!

Nirvana Frank the Tank

"Once it hits your lips, it's so good!"

Here is a grapefruit and and citrus blend that features a strong amount of grapefruit, backed by trace notes of delicious and sweet citrus fruits. This is a great mix to smoke on a cool afternoon, by itself or as part of a shisha mix. Regardless of your method of consumption, once you smoke this flavor, you'll certainly be inspired to "FILL IT UP AGAIN!" 

Buy Nirvana Frank the Tank Here

Frank the Tank Nirvana Shisha

Nirvana Ants in My Head

Hey - at least they're not in your pants, amirite? Ants in my Head is an exotic fruit mix, like a tropical punch mix. The intense fruity blend is a delightful smoke. This shisha can definitely hold its own in a hookah bowl, or it can dominate as part of a hookah mix. 

Buy Nirvana Ants in My Head Here

Ants In My Head Nirvana Shisha Tobacco

Nirvana Bugly Fitch

Bugly Fitch, the crudely named shisha flavor, is incredible as long as you don't transpose the first letter of each word in the flavor name...wink wink. The creatively named shisha flavor is a powerful, sweet and warm chai tea flavor featuring accents of spice that will find their way to the heart of any hookah smoker. 

Buy Nirvana Bugly Fitch Here

Nirvana Frog in a Blender

We're like 90% sure that no frogs were blended into this actual mix. This sweet Earl Grey flavor also features spice undertones that help to accentuate the Prince Earl Grey's flavorful majesty.

This has been product tested by the employees here at Hookah Company and we can verify that we could taste no frogs. Only delicious Earl Grey and spices.

Buy Nirvana Frog in a Blender Here

Frog in a Blender Nirvana Shisha Tobacco

Nirvana It's About to Get Weird

It's About to Get, that's just the flavor name. There's nothing really weird about mint.... or is there? With this particular mint blend, there is a little bit of something weird, as the blend has a "secret" flavor accent added to the mix. We couldn't quite put a finger on exactly what the secret is, and the crew over at Nirvana opted to let us dangle when we asked them what it was.

Do you know? We'd sure love to know. Leave us a comment below if you know the secret! 

Buy Nirvana It's About to Get Weird Here

It's About to Get Weird Nirvana Shisha Tobacco

Nirvana Raspberried Alive

Prepare to be Raspberried Alive! If you've ever been looking for the perfect raspberry blend, this may just be the one you've been waiting for. Raspberried Alive features a deliciously concocted blend of powerful raspberries with a "sweet surprise" mixed in.

We believe that sweet surprise is simply some additional berry flavoring, but again, we were unable to confirm our suspicions with Nirvana. So we'll just have to keep smoking bowl after bowl of this flavor until we figure it out. It's a tough job, but we're happy to do it. 

Buy Nirvana Raspberried Alive Here

Raspberried Alive Nirvana Shisha Tobacco

Nirvana Spaceman Bill

Spacemen all agree - Spaceman Bill is a perfect representation of the flavor of outer space. It really smells like a pink Starburst, which is the best way to describe the smell and flavor of this shisha. After giving the flavor a thorough smell test, we are catching notes of peach, strawberry, and cherry. There are also trace amounts of some other sweet fruits that we can't quite pinpoint.

That's where you come in.

Buy Nirvana Spaceman Bill Here

Spaceman Bill Nirvana Shisha Tobacco

Nirvana Weapons Grade Mint

Weapons Grade Mint is a powerful, sinus-clearing spearmint flavor; designed by Halliburton's top weapons developers and nuclear chemists in an effort to render the enemies of the State too buzzed to function in wartime situations. It's chemical hookah warfare at its finest.

In reality, this is an excellent mint flavor of which you can smoke an entire bowl on its own, or mix it in with other amazing Nirvana flavors to add that little mint kick needed to set your mix off.

Buy Nirvana Weapons Grade Mint Here

Weapons Grade Mint Nirvana Shisha Tobacco

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