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Alchemist Shisha: A Bourbon Barrel Aged Smoking Experience

Alchemist Shisha

Alchemist Shisha
 is the newest brand of hookah tobacco featured on Hookah Company. Alchemist is carving out their own niche within the hookah and shisha market with a uniquely flavored blend of bourbon barrel aged shisha tobacco, mixed with various flavors to create an unforgettable flavor experience. Hailing from San Diego, California, Alchemist is a new player in the game, and like Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals, they are making all the right moves. 

Alchemist utilizes the finest tobacco grown in France to create their tobacco blends. After submitting the tobacco to a 60-day bourbon barrel aging process, the tobacco is removed and combined with flavoring to create deeply complex, savory mixes that already rival the best flavors in the market today. Currently, Alchemist is only available in 350 gram jars so be sure to read all of our detailed shisha flavor descriptions for each Alchemist flavor so you can make the best possible educated decision for your palate. 

Alchemist Stound & Original


Hookah Company features 2 lines of Alchemist shisha: Stout and Original. Alchemist Original blend aims to provide a smooth, modern style shisha smoking experience, replete with giant puffy clouds for hours combined with robust and pleasantly sweet and creative flavors. The Alchemist Stout blend is created using premium cigar tobacco known as Sun Grown Dark Leaf Ligero, which offers a higher level of nicotine than the Original blend. The high nicotine content is derived from the extra level of fermentation that is applied to the Stout line only, which also enhances the overall flavor profile in the bowl. Regardless of the line chosen, Alchemist tobacco is submitted to a painstaking production process and the results speak for themselves.

Be sure to pick up your jar today, this stuff is flying off the shelves!

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