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New Haze Natural Coconut Coals vs. Titanium Coals - For Science!

Hookah Fans! We've just received our very first shipment of Haze Natural Coconut Hookah Coals and they can already easily be compared to some of the top hookah coals in the industry. 

One of the great claims to fame for Haze coconut coals is that they burn longer and burn hotter than the competition; a bold claim, to be sure! Luckily, we carry "the competition" at Hookah Company, so we decided to put this claim to the test, for science reasons!

The Test: We pitted Haze coals against what is currently our most popular brand of natural coconut hookah coals, Titanium Coals. Doing a side-by-side comparison from charcoal to ash, just to test each coal's longevity and durability. We tested longevity by comparing the size reduction of the coals over time.

Without the proper thermometer, we weren't able to effectively test the exterior temperature of the coals, but that test is coming in the future! Nonetheless, the results of this experiment were very interesting!

Keep in mind, we only ran one test, so some of the results we got may vary from session to session - but overall, we can definitely draw a few conclusions from our first experiment.

Titanium VS. Haze

In appearance, both coals are about exactly the same. 5 minutes after placing the coals on the burner, it was already apparent that Titanium coals heat up a bit faster than Haze coals. If your end game is to put your coals on top of the hookah bowl as immediately as possible (without using quicklites), then we might recommend sticking with the Titanium coals. 

Titanium vs. Haze - 5 Minutes

However, the Titanium coals were only ready just a couple minutes faster than the new Haze coals.  If saving time is the objective, you'll only save a couple extra minutes with the Titaniums over Haze. Just some food for thought before making a quick decision! 

Titanium vs. Haze - 10 Minutes

After 10 minutes on the burner, we flipped the coals onto their opposite sides and heated them up evenly for another couple of minutes to be sure they were equally cooked before taking them off. We placed the coals on an aluminum hookah charcoal carrier, and tracked their progress to compare their longevity as well as durability. After 5 minutes off the burner (15 minutes total), the difference in size was negligible. 

Titanium vs. Haze - 15 Minutes

10 minutes later, we did begin to notice the Titanium coal shrinking at a slightly faster rate than Haze. Notice how the Haze coals still maintain defined edges (below), whereas the Titaniums are beginning to lose their edges and become round. 

Titanium vs. Haze - 25 Minutes

Over the next 20 minutes or so, there were no major changes. The Titanium coals seemed to burn at the same rate as Haze through this time period, which is great for Titanium lovers since this time period is when the hookah really begins to open up. At about 45 minutes, we blew the coal dust off of each, and that's when something interesting happened: the Titanium crumbled apart on us! At this point it is necessary to say that it is not uncommon for Titanium coals to fall apart after being heated and handled for nearly an hour. This is a common criticism of Titanium coals but it doesn't necessarily negatively affect the hookah session. 

Titanium vs. Haze - 45 Minutes

After a full hour, our Titanium coals were dying out, mainly because they fell apart. Again, this is not uncommon and even the broken pieces of coal can provide heat to your shisha. However, if we were smoking an actual bowl of hookah and 3 Titaniums crumbled, well, it's time for a second round of coals. Whereas 3 in tact Haze coals could easily provide another 10-15 minutes to your session before needed to heat up some more. 

Titanium vs. Haze - 1 Hour

Without running multiple tests, there were only a couple definitive conclusions to be drawn from round 1 of testing, and even those can be challenged in future tests. The first conclusion is that Titanium hookah coals definitely heat up faster than Haze coals. Could it be that the Titanium coals fell apart in our experiment because we heated them longer than needed while waiting for the Haze coals to cook thoroughly? It's a definite possibility. A second conclusion that we can draw from this experiment is that, all things equal, Haze coals do give you about 15 minutes extra per session considering Titaniums are naturally a little more condusive to crumbling. 

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