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The Strongest Mint Shisha Flavors

The Top Mint Shisha Flavors 

As you may have read, we have highlighted our Top 5 Mint Shisha flavors waayyyyy back in the day when there was only a small selection of brands from which to choose. Now days, we have what is known as an embarrassment of riches here when it comes to mint hookah flavors. 

Each of these mint flavors listed offers a unique and tasty spin on what is now an age-old hookah tobacco flavor.  Since mint this extreme is on another stratosphere that cannot be measured by the feeble human scale of numerics, so we couldn't really 'rank' each one accurately.

FML Mint by Pure Shisha

FML Mint is the most powerful mint shisha released in quite some time. FML stands for "F--- My Lungs" which is not too far from an accurate description of the level of mintiness that one experiences when smoking this powerful mint blend. It stakes its claim as being one of the strongest mint flavors in all the hookah world, and it's hard to disagree after smoking an icy bowl of FML Mint. The only way to find out if the claim holds true is to try it yourself!

FML Mint Pure Shisha

Fresh Mint by Pure Shisha

Fresh Mint is the tame little brother of FML Mint that hasn't quite sprouted chest hairs and turned into a full grown, full-bodied, icy, Yeti-sized mint just yet. The Fresh Mint is a much sweeter mint flavor and more closely resembles the flavor of an actual peppermint plant than its counterparts. Do not be fooled, though - just because this shisha flavor won't "F--- Your Lungs" doesn't mean it's not one of our most powerful mints available today. Maybe that's even a good thing because, well, lungs are important.

Fresh Mint Pure Shisha

Sub-Zero by Haze Shisha

Sub-Zero wins. Flawless Victory. 

Sub-Zero really is a flawless, icy mint shisha flavor that smokes like a dream in a bowl on its own or as part of a dope hookah mix. Sub-Zero mixes really well with any other hookah flavors, particularly the fruitiest of fruit shisha flavors. Haze shisha is designed to handle a tremendous amount of heat, and they even produce their own high-heat natural coconut Haze coals for just such occasions. More heat = more ice! Who knew?

Sub-Zero Haze Shisha

What-A-Mint by Haze Shisha

What a mint! 

This mint shisha is yet another terrific mint rendition by the gentlemen over at Haze. What-A-Mint is a free-flowing blend of a mixture of peppermint and mentholated shisha with tones of creamy goodness to sweeten the pot and regulate the incredible influx of mint flowing through your hookah hose.

What-A-Mint Haze Shisha

Weapons Grade Mint by Nirvana Super Shisha

Was it developed at Skynet? Did the CIA create it in an underground bunker in the Appalachian mountains? Did Wayne LaPierre concoct this mint in the underbelly of the NRA headquarters? 

Well, no. It was made by Nirvana, who makes only the best and most powerful blends of shisha tobacco known to man, and Weapons Grade Mint is no exception. Prepare to unleash mint mayhem upon your palate, because this dokha-infused mint shisha is sure to storm the brigades. 

Weapons Grade Mint Nirvana Super Shisha

Drunk Cowboys by Nirvana Super Shisha

This is not a reference to the professional football team that plays in Dallas. Drunk Cowboys is a reference to one of the finest mint flavors produced in years, by any company. The name refers to the level of stoutness and strength that is packed into every leaf of this dokha-infused shisha tobacco. See? It even says it right there on the can - Super Strong, Extra Stout Mint. 

Drunk Cowboys Nirvana Super Shisha

Mint Knockout by Hookafina Shisha

And last but not least, there was Mint Knockout from Hookafina. Approach this flavor with caution, stick and weave, rope-a-dope, work the body, float like a butterfly because this mint stings like a bee! This pure perppermint blend of medium cut, high quality tobacco holds a lot of moisture to help you produce massive puffy clouds. One bowl and you're down for the count!

Mint Knockout Hookafina Shisha

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