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Amira Hookahs - Brand Overview

Amira Hookahs - What's The Deal With Those?!

Here at Hookah Company we're always on the look out for awesome new innovators in the hookah world to add to our own collection, and today we're excited to shine the spotlight on Amira Hookahs! This brand is one of the newest additions to our line up and offers a wide array of modern hookah designs with colorful glass bases, beautifully crafted stems, and some very unique features that are well worth checking out. 

Stem To Base Connections

Unique to the Amira hookahs are their "Magna Tech" and "Click Tech" connections between the stem and base which makes setting these hookahs up a breeze and negates the use of a base grommet no matter which model you choose.

Magna Tech models use a patented magnet design to connect the stem to the base forming an air tight seal for maximum ease of use.

Click Tech models make use of an exceptionally easy to use twist-to-lock connection that locks the stem in to place with the base with a simple twist. 

The type of stem to base connection will vary from model to model so if you have any questions as to what type of connection a particular model will have please contact our Customer Service team 

Amira Hookah Features

In addition to their unique base to stem connections and beautiful colored glass bases, every Amira hookah will come with a wide gauge downstem for maximum airflow, a built in diffuser to smooth out those monster clouds, and a color matching washable hose that will help to minimize any flavor ghosting with regular cleaning. 

Also, depending on the model, Amira includes either an unglazed Egyptian style bowl or a glazed Phunnel style bowl with their hookahs to get you up and smoking immediately, but these stems are also compatible with any Hookah Bowl that you'd like to use with them. 

And there you have it folks, Amira Hookahs bring beautiful craftsmanship and modern innovation to each of their designs to give you a top notch hookah experience right out of the box no matter which model you choose, but if you have any questions drop us a comment down below and we'll get back to you as quick as possible! 


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