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Azure Tobacco - Brand Guide

Introducing Azure Shisha Tobacco


Azure Tobacco has been hard at work formulating some of the most unique flavors that we've seen hitting the market recently, so today we want to give you a quick run down of what this California based brand is all about. 

Offering two separate lines of delicious shisha in 100g and 250g pouches, this brand has a huge menu of truly unique flavors and puts out thick clouds like nobody's business, so let's take a look at what each line has to offer. 


Azure Tobacco Gold Line

The Azure Gold Line is a beautiful blonde leaf tobacco that is low on nicotine and high on flavor, so this is a great choice for new hookah smokers or those looking for a long session without a heavy nicotine buzz. Well chopped and soaked in a generous amount of flavoring juices this tobacco puts out dense clouds no matter what type of bowl you're working with, though we've found that using a Kaloud Samsaris Vitria and Lotus set up really helps to keep the flavor potent throughout the session. We've had a blast smoking the Lemon Muffin, Tropical Paradise, and Winter Rose flavors, but with such a wide array of flavor profiles there's something for everyone on Azure's menu. 

 Azure Tobacco Black Line

The Azure Black Line is a very well chopped and juicy blend of burley tobacco leaves resulting in the same full flavor and clouds as their Gold line but with a much higher nicotine content and heavier buzz. Due to the added nicotine content and heavy buzz factor this line is generally not recommended for new hookah smokers, but is an excellent choice for experienced smokers looking to explore dark leaf tobacco. Featuring some of the greatest hits flavors from the Azure Gold line such as Lemon Muffin, Chai Masala, and Cinnamon Cookies, the Azure Black line offers a huge menu of distinct flavors only available in this line such as Bermuda Mint, San Diego Sunset, and Moroccan Tea.