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Tangiers Tobacco - Top 5 Flavors

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco - Top 5 Flavors

Tangiers Tobacco is one of the most popular tobacco brands on the market today, and with very good reason. While Tangiers unique design and sensitivity to heat means that it may take a little bit more care in preparation and heat management during the session than other tobaccos, with just a little bit of tender loving care this tobacco will put out some of the most robust flavors available! 

Today we're going to run down some of the most popular flavors from Tangiers and a few of our own personal favorites as well. 


5. It's Like That One Breakfast Cereal

This fruity breakfast cereal inspired flavor has prominent lemon and lime citrus notes balanced with the sweetness of orange on the inhale and is blended together with the perfect amount vanilla creaminess resulting in a fantastic milky exhale. Think of your favorite breakfast cereal featuring a toucan bird and you're on the right path. 

4. Orange Soda

This potent sweet orange flavor is well known both for the strength of its flavor and for its buzz factor. Decidedly sweet on the inhale, this flavor also has a nice creamy undertone to it that really sets it apart from other orange flavors. Some fans of this flavor claim to even taste a slight bit of carbonation to it while others get more of the creamy notes, but what everyone agrees on is that this is a flavor that no one should pass up. 

3. Horchata

Easily one of the most popular flavors from Tangiers, this delicious mixture of spicy cinnamon and sweet heavy cream is inspired by the popular Mexican rice milk drink and is very true to the flavor. This one is a fantastic stand alone flavor but can also be used as an excellent mixer with many other flavors. One of our favorites is mixing Horchata with Tangiers Cocoa for an Oreo style flavor. 

2. Kashmir Peach

A crowd favorite, and one of Tangiers own personal favorites as well, Kashmir Peach is a complex blend of sweet peach flavor and floral notes that is intensely delicious and subtly spicy. Overall this is a very potent flavor, but with so many subtle layers blended together you'll keep coming back for more as your taste buds find new flavor notes every time. 

1. Cane Mint

Without a doubt the most popular flavor from Tangiers and one of the most popular shisha flavors from any brand. This ultra potent peppermint is one of the best stand alone mint flavors available but is also an excellent complimentary flavor to any blend you are creating, so this one is a must have flavor for every mix master out there. 

Honorable Mentions


This unique flavor is as hard to describe as it is to pronounce, and depending on how much heat you use on your bowl the flavor may change a little bit as well. Think rootbeer, cream soda, or Cuba Libre with a sweet earthy undertone. 

Maraschino Cherry

True to its namesake this ultra sweet cherry flavor is a very popular mixer and smokes extremely well with Cane Mint and New Lime

Pear Watermelon

One of Tangiers Special Edition flavors, this unique blend offers up sweet notes of juicy watermelon on the inhale with a light pear tartness on the exhale. This limited edition flavor tends to sell out almost as quick as we receive it in, so make sure to grab one while it's in stock! 


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