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The Paper Towel Trick - How To Fix Wobbly Hookahs And Air Leaks

Sometimes the gaskets (or grommets) that come with your hookah may be just a little too small to form an air tight seal, or sometimes they may be a little too large and make it difficult to seal the pieces of your hookah together. This is particularly common with handmade hookahs such as Khalil Mamoon Hookahs or Shika Hookahs where each piece is crafted by hand and will have slight variances that can require a little bit of trial and error to find the perfect grommet for long term use.

Typically there are three connections on your hookah that you will want to be completely air tight to ensure a perfect smoke session:

#1 - Bowl To Stem Connection - Hookah Bowl Gasket

This gasket will absorb some of the heat from the charcoals on top of the bowl which will cause it to soften up over time and will also receive some of the juices dripping down from the shisha which can cause it to become slick and allow your bowl to wobble a bit. 

#2 - Hose To Stem Connection - Hookah Hose Gasket

This gasket will absorb some of the moisture from the water bubbling in your hookah base which can cause it to lose traction in the hose adapter, and depending on the weight of your hookah hose this may allow the hose to fall out of the adapter. 

#3- Base to Stem Connection - Hookah Base Gasket

This gasket will also absorb some of the moisture from your hookah base and will also see quite a bit of wear and tear over time as you assemble or disassemble your hookah for cleaning which can cause the stem to wobble. 


Hookah Hacks - The Paper Towel Trick

Wobbly bowl? Too much wiggle room between your stem and base? Today we're going to explain one of the easiest and most useful hookah hacks out there which is how to create a temporary grommet for any loose connections in your hookah set up by using a strip of paper towel.  Let's begin! 

Step 1. 

Tear, or cut, a strip of paper towel about 1 inch wide and with enough length to be able to wrap it around your existing grommet once or twice.



Step 2.

Wrap the paper towel around your grommet and then attach your bowl, hose, or base, to the hookah stem and test for any wiggle room. You can also slightly wet the paper towel to allow it to form fit in to the connection a bit better.      




Step 3.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a perfect session with your hookah!