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Ugly Hookah Tobacco - Top 5 Flavors

Don't let the name fool you, Ugly Hookah Tobacco has been putting out some of the most beautiful tobacco blends on the market over the last few years and has steadily built up an impressive menu of unique flavors along with a devoted following of cloud chasers. Made in the USA using high quality flue cured Virginia tobacco leaves and a unique blend of honey and molasses flavorings, this rich tobacco is available in both 100g and 250g sizes and comes packaged in resealable plastic jars for easy storage. 

Ugly Tobacco is very well known for the long lasting smooth flavors and the dense clouds that it produces but this tobacco also packs a buzz as well, so we recommend this brand for moderately experienced smokers. 

Top 5 Ugly Hookah Tobacco Flavors


Orange Keef - One of Ugly's flagship flavors, and one of our office favorites as well, this delicious blend of sweet and tart orange fruit is complimented by a cooling mint finish on the exhale. 

Marcoje - This unique fruit cocktail blend has prominent notes of delicious mixed fruits and berries on the inhale with a rich undertone of guava on the exhale. 

Hurricane - One of Ugly's newest flavors, this tropical swirl of sweet mango and tart lemonade has been flying off of the shelves ever since it was released and is a fantastic stand alone flavor but is also a great mixer for summer blends as well.

MaWardi - Another one of Ugly's most well known flavors, MaWardi is a perfect combination of juicy peach and mixed fruits and makes for some deliciously sweet clouds. This one is always a crowd pleaser in any setting. 

Hit Me - A delicious tropical blend, you'll notice the potent 1 - 2 combination of sweet pineapple and cooling mint as soon as you open the jar, but dig a little deeper and you'll find a subtle notes of tropical fruits as well. 


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