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Kaloud Lotus Heat Management Device and Samsaris Vitria Bowl

Kaloud Product Guide

 Kaloud released their first edition Lotus heat management device (HMD) in 2013 and immediately revolutionized the hookah smoking experience for aficionados the world over, and in the process paved the way for all of the heat management devices that would follow in their path.  

Shortly after releasing the Lotus they responded to resounding customer demand for a bowl designed to be perfectly compatible with the Lotus by unveiling their first edition Samsaris silicone bowls. 

Since that initial release Kaloud has continued to respond to customer feedback and wow their fans by redesigning the original Lotus in to the Kaloud Lotus Plus and the original Samsaris bowls in to the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II which drastically improved the longevity and functionality of their products.

They then moved on to crafting their Kaloud Aura coals to create the ultimate combination of hookah smoking accessories to bring a first class smoking experience to any type of hookah set up. 

Not one to rest on their laurels, Kaloud also recently released both the newly designed Kaloud Lotus 2 and Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Metal to their ever expanding line of products. 

With so many options available it may seem a bit overwhelming deciding where to begin, so today we want to give you a break down on each of these awesome devices to help you find the right fit for your ideal hookah session.

First, let's start with what heat management devices are and how they work. 

Heat Management Devices  - What Do They Do? 

The Kaloud Lotus is an accessory for your hookah bowl that will completely replace the aluminum foil that is normally used in a traditional hookah set up. Once you've loaded your shisha tobacco in to your bowl you simply set your Lotus directly on top of the bowl, add your lit charcoals in to the Lotus, and set the lid on top.

Both the Lotus and Lotus 2 will have air flow contours along the interior to keep your charcoals stoked during the session and prevent blackouts, as well as a ventilated lid that can be rotated to open or close the air channels allowing you to manage how much heat is being trapped and transferred down to your tobacco.

Not only does this allow you to have much more control over your hookah session, but using the Lotus will also save you money in the long run due to not having to keep restocking on foil and will also help to minimize the charcoal taste in your session resulting in much fuller flavor from your shisha. 

 Still with us? Good, now let's get down to to the nitty gritty on the unique features of each device. 

Kaloud Lotus Plus Heat Management Device


The Kaloud Lotus Plus has been the gold standard for HMD's since it's inception and is the go to heat management device for most hookah smokers and lounges. Made from high grade aluminum, the solid base plate prevents charcoal particles and ash from falling in to your bowl while the raised ridges allow air to pass underneath the charcoal to keep them stoked. Once the lid is placed on top of the Lotus you can use the rubberized handle to rotate the vents allowing you to control airflow and how much heat is being trapped as well. 

Also, due to its presence on the market place for several years now there are quite a few options for compatible bowls in addition to the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II. 

Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Bowl

Designed by Kaloud specifically for use with the Lotus HMD, the Samsaris Vitria II is comprised of two pieces and is the perfect combination of form and function. The exterior shell is made from FDA approved non-toxic high grade silicone meaning that it is safe to use and extremely durable, while the interior dish insert is made from high quality tempered glass. The insert also has individual flavor chambers in the glass meaning that it is able to absorb the heat that is radiating down from the Lotus and cook the shisha from underneath as well.

In addition, due to the exterior shell being made from silicone you will not need to use a grommet to seal this bowl to your hookah either.

Kaloud Lotus 2 Heat Management Device

The newly designed Kaloud Lotus 2 further improves the original design by using a more lightweight aluminum allowing for more efficient heat transference to get your session started quicker. The noticeably more rounded dome shaped lid also allows more room for the charcoals to breathe as well. In addition, the new design offers a detachable "key" handle to rotate the vented lid and small notches along the bottom of the Lotus allowing it to "lock" in to place with the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Metal bowl. 

Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Metal Bowl

Keeping in line with the quicker heat transference of the Lotus 2, the newly designed Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Metal bowl replaces the glass dish insert with an aluminum insert meaning that this bowl absorbs and transfers heat throughout the shisha very quickly. As an added benefit to this quick heat transference you can typically use 1 less charcoal than you might otherwise adding to the long term savings that the Kaloud products offer by cutting down on the amount of charcoals used per session. 

Kaloud Aura Natural Charcoals