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Beamer Silicone Diffuser

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Beamer Silicone Diffuser

Pulling massive clouds, but the noise and vibrating of the hookah you get while ripping these thunderclouds can be annoying. Diffusers are great hookah accessories that will dampen the rumble of every pull, and will create a super smooth flow. Not all diffusers fit every hookah, and so Beamer presents their Silicone Diffuser

The Beamer Silicone Diffuser will stretch to fit around any hookah's downstem to provide you with a silent and still hookah pipe as you make clouds.

How the Beamer Silicone Diffuser Works

The annoying rumble comes from smoke and air flowing through the downstem and into the water in the base of your hookah. The air and smoke exit the hole of the downstem and turn into large bubbles, making the gurgling noise and causing the base to vibrate as they flow toward the hub of the hookah.

The Beamer Silicone Diffuser fits on the bottom of the downstem and uses its multiple holes to filter the air & smoke bubbles into much smaller bubbles. These smaller bubbles produce vastly less sound and vibration. The use of multiple holes in the diffuser also allows for a much smoother flow with every pull, increasing the quality of your smoke sessions.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product

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