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Top 5 Nammor Hookahs - The Best Hookahs for Newbies and Hookah Experts

Why Nammor Hookahs are the Best for Newbies and Experts

The exceptional quality of Nammor Hookahs is well known in the hookah industry.  Each Nammor Hookah is made by hand in Egypt by skilled artisanal craftsmen.  That makes every Nammor Hookah unique and piece of working art. These hookahs were engineered to be the perfect smoking machine.  With that mindset, the Nammor hookah line had to have the smoothest air flow, heavy duty materials, quality construction, and be very user friendly.  By combining a few unique features, the Nammor Hookah collection has done just that...created the perfect hookah. 

Basic features and benefits of all Nammor Hookahs:

The Nammor Hose - This is the best hookah hose on the market.  The Nammor Hose is the first hookah hose designed to be completely washable and have an extra wide diameter for maximum airflow.  Every Nammor Hookah includes an authentic Nammor Hookah Hose so you can enjoy the smoothest air flow and pure shisha flavors.

Extra Wide Hose Ports - Want huge clouds of smoke?  Nammor Hookahs allow more air flow than any other hookah.  By expanding the hose connection ports, there are no small choke points to restrict the airflow of your massive smoke clouds.    This makes getting the biggest puffs from your hookah a breeze!

Stainless-Steel Construction - The high quality construction and surgical-grade stainless-steel materials make each and every Nammor hookah a family heirloom that can last a lifetime or more.  Each shaft is welded together or cast as one piece.  You don't have to screw on any parts and pieces.  These hookahs are easy to put together, clean, and maintain.


Best Nammor Hookahs for Beginners

Nammor Pecos Hookah

Nammor Pecos Hookah

This is an excellent Nammor hookah for newbies.  At 26 inches tall, the Nammor Pecos is a full size hookah.  The glass hookah vase has a wide and flat footprint so it is very stable.  The exotic hookah base is available in blue and green and includes a an intricate design.

Nammor Euphrates Hookah

Nammor Euphrates Hookah

The Euphrates and twin brother the Nammor Tigrishookah is one the best hookahs ever made.  It is the perfect combination of size, strength, speed, and agility.  At 28 inches tall, the Nammor Euphrates is a large hookah, but not too large to be a hassle to prepare.  The Nammor Luxor glass hookah vase is adorned with Arabic script and is availabe in black, blue, green and red.  The Cleopatra base option in blue and green has a large spherical shape, ideal for holding huge amounts of delicious hookah smoke!


Recommended Nammors for Hookah Connoisseurs

Nammor Ramses III Hookah

Nammor Ramses III Hookah

The 29 inch Nammor Ramses III is one of the original Nammor Hookah designs.  Just as the Samurai sword has been unchanged for centuries, we anticipate the Nammor Ramses III to be the perfect combination of size, style, function and design for centuries to come.  The shaft is solid construction and features a trimetal design with elements cast in silver, gold, and copper colored metal.  This hookah includes a unique pyramid style vase or you can choose a clear or blue decorated Egyptian glass hookah vase. 

Nammor Cleopatra Hookah

Nammor Cleopatra Hookah

The Nammor Cleopatra hookahis a statement piece that commands attention!  This 32 inch hookah is large and in charge, just like the Queen Cleopatra herself.  The massize glass hookah vase holds enough smoke to appease the most demanding pharaohs.  The luxurious Nammor hose, exotic Cleopatra hookah vase, and its towering stature are matched only by the extremely smooth, billowing clouds exhaled by any and all who smoke from this pinnacle of hookah perfection.


The Nammor Hookah for Hookah Experts

Ultimate Cloud Machine Hookah

Nammor Old School Rotator Hookah

The 30 inch Nammor Old School Rotator hookah combines all of the great features of Nammor Hookahs, with the ability to rotate 360 degrees.  By swiveling on its rotating base, the Nammor Old School makes passing the hookah hose easy and helps prevent the hookah from being pulled over by an inattentive hookah smoker...(not any of us, of course).   The only thing missing from this hookah is a Vortex bowl and Mystique Ice Hose tip, and you have "The Ultimate Cloud Machine!"

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