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Hookah Charcoal - Natural Hookah Coal Guide

A great hookah smoking session is a thing of beauty, but what really makes the session so great?  Is it the hookah?  The shisha tobacco?  The hookah charcoal?  The truth is that if any one of these things is lacking, it will bring down your whole session.  You can have a great looking KM hookah pipe and a perfectly packed bowl of hookah tobacco, but if you use one crappy half-lit coal your session will never get off the ground.  This blog post will focus on the charcoal aspect of this equation, specifically on natural coals.  We'll provide a rundown of the different types of natural coals we offer, as well as some pros and cons of each type.

Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Coconut hookah coals have become the most popular option in the world of natural charcoal.  Made of discarded coconut husks, these coals burn long and even and do not contain any chemical additives like quick lights would.  Since natural coconut charcoals do not contain any chemicals they will take longer to light than other coals, but the difference will be immediately apparent in the taste and flavor of your shisha.  Chemical additives add a funny taste to your shisha, and the smell they give off while burning can be a bit off-putting and can affect your palate.  With natural coconut hookah coal all you will taste is the flavor of your hookah tobacco, just as was intended.  

The best way to light Coconut coals is to use a Charcoal Burner or if you have an electric range on your stove, you could light them on that.  For more detailed Charcoal lighting instructions see our How To Properly Light Hookah Coals post.

We carry 6 different types of Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal which you can see below.


Coco Nara Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Coco Nara

Gaia Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal


Coco Mazaya Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Coco Mazaya

Al Fakher Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Al Fakher

Coco Buzz Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Coco Buzz

Chronic Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal


Finger Style Natural Hookah Charcoal

The name "Finger Style" is a reference to the traditional shape of this next type of natural hookah charcoal.  As you will see, some modern brands have abandoned the "finger" shape in favor of the more widely used square shapes.  Finger Style coals are called that because of their long, thin shape.  Traditionally, smokers would need to break these coals down into smaller pieces before lighting them in order for them to fit on top of their hookah bowl.  Most modern natural finger coals are either scored for easy breaking into smaller pieces, or they come already broken down into manageable sizes.  These coals are comprised of the same basic materials as BBQ coals, compressed carbon which is acquired through the burning of wood in the absence of oxygen.  Because these coals are made of compressed materials, they can be fashioned into unique shapes which can improve the performance of the coals dramatically.

Finger style natural hookah charcoal is best lit with a constant hight heat method, such as using a Charcoal Burner.  For more detailed instructions, check out our How To Properly Light Hookah Coals post.

We currently have three types of Finger Style Natural Hookah Coals available for sale.


Nour Finger Style Natural Hookah Charcoal


Exotica Finger-Style Natural Hookah Charcoal


Inhale Finger-Style Natural Hookah Charcoal



Other Styles of Natural Hookah Charcoal

To round out our Natural Hookah Charcoal post, let's look at two types of natural coals that don't fall under the big 3 categories.  The first is Fantasia's Air-Flow coals.  These coals are unique in that they have arrow shaped grooves cut into the underside of the hookah coals to allow for air to flow under and around the coals, resulting in better heat control and removing the need to ash the coals during your hookah session.  The other coals we carry which do not fall in line with traditional charcoal classifications are the Zambookah Bamboo Hookah Coals.  As the name implies, these coals are made of bamboo.  The coals are also ring shaped with a hole in the center of the charcoal.  This shape allows for more surface area which leads to quicker lighting time and better heat distribution once lit.


Fantasia Air-Flow Natural Hookah Charcoal

Fantasia Air-Flow

Zambookah Bamboo Natural Hookah Charcoal


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