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How to Clean a Hookah Hose

The Best Way to Clean Your Hookah Hose

You load a bowl of your favorite shisha, wait for your Coco Naras to be lit all the way through, painstakingly poke holes in the foil.  After waiting through a couple minutes of agonizing anticipation, you take your first big pull off your hookah, only to get a mouth and lung full of debris, dust and particles!   EEEWWWWW!   Maybe you can't wait to try the new Starbuzz Black Mint, but all you taste is the Rose bowl your buddy smoked through your hookah 2 weeks ago.   What just happened?!?  Here are a few tips on how to minimize the damage,  how to clean your hookah hose, and which hoses are going to provide the longest lasting cleanest smoke and purest flavors.  Come on man! Clean your hose.  Refresh your flavors.  Enjoy your shisha!

Before we begin, lets just get a few facts straight, so there are no misunderstandings about maintaining hookah hoses, washing your hookah hose, and shopping for the right hose up front.

1.  Virtually all hookah hoses will need to be replaced over time.  Quit clinging to that original hose like its a Babe Ruth Rookie Card.  You don't still have your first pair of shoe laces do you?

2. Dust and dirt particles in your hose are not ashes from the hookah coals.

3. Water and humidity from your hookah can damage the interior of you hookah hose.  This means that sometimes washing a hose can cause damage too!

4. Many hoses labeled as washable will actually decay quickly after washing if they are not carefully maintained.  Even washable hoses need to be replaced over time.

How to Wash Your Hookah Hose

Scenario 1:  You can still taste old flavors in your hose.  This is called "Flavor Ghosting" and needs to be exorcised immediately.  

Scenario 2: After a while your hookah hose will aquire, "general hookah flavor."  This can happen so gradually, you may not even realize it's happening to you right now.   

Here's the perscription for your fever...and no, it does not include more cow bell.

Step 1: While plugging one end of your hookah hose with your thumb, fill the hose a little less than half way with water.  Add a healthy squirt of lemon juice to really get a clean and fresh scent in the hose. - The guy in this picture did not plug the hose with his thumbs, and water poured out on to his floor...beware!

Step 2: Plug the other end with your other thumb and lift one end higher than the other.  Alternate raising each hand so that the water and lemon juice runs back and forth through the hose.  

Step 3: After a couple minutes, drain the water in the sink.  Look away if you don't want to see the grime you were just breathing in!  Rinse using the same method and repeat if desired until the water runs clean.

Step 4: Dry your hose by gripping the hookah hose in the middle and swinging your arm around like a windmill.  The centrifugal force will draw much of the moisture out of the hose, minimizing the negative impact of moisture if your hose is not truly "washable."

Cleaning Hookah Hoses

Cleaning a Hookah Hose Without Water:

Have you ever had dirt, dust or rusty flakes come through you hookah hose?  This is result of hose deterioration that will happen naturally over time. Here are a couple of quick fixes to clean it out without using water:

Method 1 - The Devo - Whip it good! :  Fold the hose over so that both ends are in your hand.  Firmly, (but not with Herculean force) swing the hose against the arm of your sofa a few times to knock free any loose debris.  Blow fiercely through each end of the hose while keeping your finger in the air flow.  You will feel all the grit coming out until the air-stream is free of loose particles.  Repeat if desired.   When you get to this point, go aheand and start shopping for your next hookah hose.  This one's got one foot in the grave.

Method 2 -  Its Gone from Suck to Blow :  Using an air compressor (like the tire pump at at gas station) or a strong vacuum cleaner blow/suck air through the hookah hose to remove any loose particles.  Force the air through each end a few times to make sure you got everything.  This is also a good method for drying your hoses after cleaning them with water.  Again, once you have to do this before every session, its time to bite the bullet and get a new hose.


Recommended Washable Hookah Hoses:

The Nammor Hookah Hose

Available in Large, Small, Fretted, Banded, Chrome and other variations, the Nammor hose was the first hookah hose to be realeased that was designed to be washed.  Beware of imitations and knock-offs that just don't cut the mustard!

Cleaning Hookah Hoses

Fancy Hose

A great washable hose that is available in many colors.  Its easy to clean and very inexpensive.  Why not buy these by the dozen and designate hoses to certain flavors? 

Cleaning Hookah Hoses

Black Washable Hose

It's that little black hose that goes with everything.  Washable, flexible, and affordable...this hookah hose is clean, cheap and easy....just like my prom date!

Cleaning Hookah Hoses

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