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Hookah Myth Busters: Does the Vortex Bowl Work?

Hey, hookah friends! We've got another exciting installment of Hookah Myth Busters for you. Last time we showed that hookah size doesn't technically matter beyond personal preference. This week we took a long, hard look at the enormously popular Vortex bowl, putting it to the test to see if it's really all it's cracked up to be. 




Does the Vortex Bowl Really Work?


The Vortex Hookah Bowl is one of the most popular bowls among hookah enthusiasts. Unlike most bowls, which have holes along a flat bottom, the Vortex features an innovative design with holes on a raised center spire. This design is supposed to help retain more shisha juice, which makes the bowl stay flavorful for the entire duration of your hookah session. The Vortex design also provides more even heat distribution for a smoother, better smoking experience that won't waste any tobacco. But does the Vortex really deliver on its promises? Does it retain shisha juice and make for a better all-around smoke? Following Hookah Myth Buster protocol, we set up a tasty experiment to get to the bottom of the Vortex bowl. 


                  Vortex and Egyptian Hookah Bowls


The Test


We set up two Mya QT hookahs, one with a Vortex bowl and one with a standard clay Egyptian bowl. Both bowls were packed with Fantasia Pink Lemonade shisha, chosen because it's a very wet, juicy shisha with a bright red color, perfect for our experiment. For coals, we used Coconara Naturals. Our guinea pigs - er, our helpful testers - spent some time with each hookah, and we made sure that both bowls were smoked an equal amount. So what happened?

At the end of the experiment, we checked each bowl. Sure enough, the Egyptian bowl leaked shisha juice all over the place when we removed it. The water in the base of the QT using the Egyptian bowl had turned the color of, well, pink lemonade. That's a lot of wasted shisha juice. The tobacco itself was crisp and charred on top, but the tobacco underneath was still bright red, as if it hadn't even been touched by the heat. 

In contrast, the Vortex bowl hadn't leaked at all. The base water in this QT remained as clear as it had been before it was used. The tobacco was evenly burned all the way through, with not one bit of it going to waste. Our testers also reported that the shisha in the Vortex bowl tasted better than the shisha in the Egyptian bowl. 

Our conclusion: the Vortex bowl definitely works. This wonder of the hookah world really does deliver what it promises: a better, smoother, more flavorful smoke, with excellent heat distribution and juice retention. The Vortex hookah bowl comes highly recommended, and now our research shows why. Check out the video below to see our experiment.


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