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The Top 10 Best Shisha Mixes

This post was updated on 03/14/2019


One of the coolest things about shisha is that you can completely customize your own blend by mixing and matching flavors, even mixing flavors between different brands. You can treat your hookah bowl like a kitchen, and you're the chef - the Paula Deen of shisha recipes, if you will. Finding that perfect mix of this flavor and that flavor, adding a dash here and a pinch there - it can be a very rewarding and tasty experience.

Now, you may be thinking, "I would love to be the Paula Deen of hookah tobacco, but where do I start? What are some good examples?" Well, look no further than our list of top 10 favorite shisha mixes (in no particular order).

Shisha Recipes

1. Fantasia Cactus Breeze + Fantasia Wild Mango - Fantasia makes an extremely juicy tobacco which results in thick, silky clouds and a very rich flavor. Combine that with their huge menu of sweet and fruity flavors and you've got the perfect set up for some delicious tropical blends! Try mixing 50% Fantasia Cactus Breeze and 50% Fantasia Wild Mango.


2. Fumari Blueberry Muffin + Al Fakher Vanilla - The first of several mixes on this list incorporating Fumari shisha. A 50/50 blend will give you a creamy and fruity masterpiece of flavor. Blueberry Muffin has a very sweet, almost pie-like flavor that is smoothed out by the Vanilla for a truly delectable treat.



3. Starbuzz Bold Mighty FreezeStarbuzz Bold White Mint - Try mixing 70%  Mighty Freeze with 30%  White Mint for an ice cold lemon mint session with a sparkling clean finish! 

4. Cola Float - This refreshing mix is perfect for summertime. Al Fakher ColaAl Fakher Vanilla. Start with a 60% Cola/40% Vanilla ratio and adjust according to your tastes and feel free to add just a pinch of Al Fakher Cherry . For a delicious lime-cola twist, try using Tangiers Ololiuqui instead of the Al Fakher Cola


5. Starbuzz Raspberry + Fumari Spiced Chai - A 70/30 mix. This combination creates a creamy, spicy raspberry flavor that has been described by poets as "super awesome" and "um, amazing." 



6. Al Fakher Rose + Al Fakher Lemon - Wait! Don't let the Rose scare you away. Make a 50/50 mix of these Al Fakher flavors and you end up with a taste surprisingly close to Skittles or Fruit Loops. You can use more Lemon if you're afraid of the Rose, but trust us, somehow this blend magically turns the floral into the fruity and the resulting alchemy is pure gold! 



7. Trifecta Dark Earl Grey + Trifecta Dark Pulp Friction - Earthy, sweet, and citrusy this is a fantastic morning or evening blend. Try blending 70% Earl Grey with 30% Pulp Friction for a rich dark tea blend with a tart citrus finish, and the aroma from this one is amazing! 



8. Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill + Fumari Mandarin Zest - Sweet, minty, and juicy, this blend makes a perfect dessert...or midnight snack...or breakfast...just smoke it anytime, it's delicious. A 50/50 mix will work just fine, but the Mint Chocolate Chill is pretty strong, so you can bump it down to 1 part Mint Chocolate Chill/3 parts Mandarin Zest if you want more of the citrus flavor to come through.




9. Trifecta Blonde Spiced Java + Trifecta Blonde Pumpkin Somethin +  Trifecta Blonde Vanilla - Try mixing 50% Spiced Java with 30% Pumpkin Somethin and 20% Vanilla. You're welcome.  



10. Fumari Cherry + Fumari Lemon - Popsicle, anyone? This is a sweet, juicy flavor that tastes just like licking a summertime treat. 50/50 mix.


Have any great mixes that you make at home that you aren't seeing on our list? Let us know down below what your favorites are! 

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  • 70% Aqua Cucumber + 30% Element Pear

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