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11 Pimptastic Hookahs the World Needs to See

The coolest thing about smoking hookah is that there are numerous ways to smoke hookah, and seemingly infinite variations of hookahs. We have scoured the far-reaching depths of the internet for some of the more interesting hookahs we could find. Even for the internet, there were so many variations to choose from that we had to narrow it down to this list of pimptastic hookahs. If you have something equally cool or interesting, feel free to let us know and we might just add your hookah to the list!

Giant Caterpillar Smoking Hookah

Fruit Hookahs are great because not only do they look  amazing, they also taste amazing.

Pineapple Fruit Hookah

Whole Fruit Hookah

Of course, what would be a zen hookah session with Buddha's approval?

Buddha Hookah w/ Table

Golden Cobra hookah - not to be confused with the Limp Bizkit album.

Golden Cobra Hookah

Tired of ice? Maybe build a refrigerator around your hookah!

Refrigerated Hookah

On the other hand, if your hookah is too cold (for some reason?), you can make a lava lamp hookah! Although it's probably not recommended to filter your smoke with lava.

Lava Lamp Hookah

This is a pretty awesome, Steampunk-inspired hookah

Steampunk Hookah


If you're satisfied by the little things in life, perhaps these micro-hookahs will tickle your fancy.

Tiny Domino HookahSmall Hookah


Or, you can be like Fantasia and build a gigantic hookah with a massive Mya base.

Fantasia Gigantic Hookah

Not to be outdone by the 2012 Olympics, of course (I'm certain this is a real hookah)

  Super Massive Tower Hookah

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