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Haze Hookah Tobacco: How to Optimize Your Hookah Smoke

Haze Hookah Tobacco is a relatively new shisha brand on the market.  Since their release in January 2012, Haze has quickly skyrocketed to one of the top brands in the Hookah industry. The key to their initial success was offering new blends and mixes that were unseen in the industry. Haze uses only the finest cured Virginia tobacco leaves and all of the manufacturing takes place in Stafford, Texas.  

The main feature to Haze Tobacco, besides flavor longevity, is the overall integrity of the tobacco leaves when heat is applied.  All of their flavors take heat extremely well and it is encouraged that you take a different approach when loading Haze to create an unremarkable session.

Loading & Bowl Choices
Inside each tin of Haze Tobacco you will find a card with instructions on how to properly prepare and pack in a standard Egyptian bowl. This classic bowl may not always be the bowl of choice for some hookah enthusiasts, so the same method can be applied to various other bowls.  

If you are looking to have great sessions without using too much shisha, the Alien bowl works great with Haze.  This bowl is designed to function like any phunnel bowl with only one central air channel, yet the depth of the bowl only allows for 10-15 grams of shisha.

When it comes to a group session or long single sessions, phunnel bowls are still key choices in these scenarios. We’ve found that Harmony bowl and Tangiers phunnel bowls can create sessions that last up to 3 hours. This bowl category of choice requires more shisha to be used than a standard Egyptian and Alien Mini Phunnel bowl. (20-30 grams depending on the bowl).  Using the following steps will make anyone a master Haze bowl packer sure to impress yourself and friends.  With over 70 flavors to choose from, it's no secret why Haze is gaining popularity among hookah enthusiasts.

Loading Haze into your bowl

  • The flavoring juice inside each bag of shisha can sometimes settle at the bottom of the bag. So before each session always make sure you’ve got your juices flowing by squeezing the bag. This applies to any loading scenario, so if you aren’t receiving too much flavor from your session then you are missing this key step or you need more heat.
  • When you are loading into any bowl try to pinch each portion out of the bag and try to refrain from scooping the shisha out.
  • Gently lay the shisha into the bowl, you don’t need to push anything down at this point.
  • In our sessions we load around the spire and continue outward.
  • Once you have your shisha filled into the bowl even with the rim, take this time to apply a small amount of pressure to recess the tobacco under the bowl rim.
  • Throw all of your fears of having a harsh smoke out the window, and grab some more shisha because we aren’t done yet.
  • Before moving on to the next step, take a look at the shisha in the bowl and make sure that it is not densely packed. We still want heat to pass through the leaves to give it an even cook and if it’s loaded too densely you could end up with a harsh bowl or minimal cloud output.
  • Once your bowl is evenly loaded, grab some more shisha and sprinkle this 2nd layer on top. It’s perfectly fine at this point to have some leaves sticking up past the bowl line.


Heat Management
There are several coals on the market to choose from right now, some hookah smokers find their perfect coal and stick with it.

If you're still looking for outstanding coals try Titanium, CocoNara, or Lemon wood coals. For our typical sessions we use 3 titanium coals, anything less than 3 didn’t give us the remarkable session that we craved. If you use 2 coals with other brands stick with 3 on haze, and if you want to take the flavor to another level jump up to 4.

Following the tips below to ensure a solid smoke session:


Tin foil

  • When using tin foil make sure it has a drum fit to the bowl, this means that there is no shifting of the foil during the session.
  • Once the tin foil is securely around the bowl give it a slight shake to loosen any densely packed shisha.
  • When you poke the holes in your bowl to try to use a poker that has diameter no less than a toothpick
  • Start with a hole directly in the middle of the bowl
  • Create 3 rings of evenly spaced holes, and with each poke allow your poker to go into the shisha
  • No matter how many coals you use with session, never allow them to start off in the middle.
  • Place the coals on the edges on bowl and work your way towards the middle slowly as the session progresses. Never cover the center spire of any bowl with coals.


Kaloud Lotus

  • The lotus allows 3 coals to fit inside comfortably, keeping the coals over each air vent should have you smoking comfortably in no time.
  • You won’t be able to give the bowl a shake like the tin foil method. Before applying coals to the lotus take sometime to use a toothpick and poke through the shisha.
  • If you have any tobacco raised passed the bowl it’s ok, the weight of the lotus will pressed it down slightly.
  • Throughout your session remember to use the rotating vent covers to better control the temperature of your bowl.  

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