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Top 5 Nakhla Hookah Mixes

Nakhla Shisha tobacco was founded and has been around since the early 1900s, and is the number one distributor of shisha tobacco in the world. Nakhla is a heavy hookah tobacco, with major emphasis on the 'buzz' factor. Despite it being heavy on buzz and nicotine, Nakhla is surprisingly smooth to smoke. 

We have been mixing and matching any and all Nakhla combinations we can handle, and have created a list of our top 5 favorite Nakhla shisha mixes. We tried to pick from the most eclectic selection of Nakhla flavors available to give a wide range of delectable mixes for you to try. Check them out! 

Nakhla Cook Book

1. A Cardamom Orange - 50% Nakhla Cardamom + 50% Nakhla Orange -  Nakhla Cardamom is a floral, spicy blend mixed of aromatic perfumes and ginger.  Combine that blend with classic Nakhla Orange, and what you get is a spicy orange mix that will knock your socks off. The Cardamom is strong upon the inhale, while the zesty orange exhale balances out the mix, leaving you with a sweet orange aftertaste. 


2. Mint Pistachio Ice Cream - 34% Nakhla Pistachio + 33% Nakhla Mizo Mint + 33% Nakhla Vanilla -  This blend is reminiscent of one of the most popular flavors of  ice cream ever invented - Mint Pistachio! Just mix equal parts Nakhla Pistachio, Mizo Mint and Vanilla, and you will have mixed the buzziest bowl of mint pistachio ice cream you've ever tasted. To even further increase the buzz, go with regular Nakhla Mint, which contains a bit more nicotine. 


3. Raspberry Lemonade -50% Nakhla Ice Raspberry Mint + 50% Nakhla Ice Lemon Mint -  Raspberry lemonade is one of the most classic summer beverages. Wouldn't it be nice to smoke the Nakhla shisha equivalent to your frosty glass of raspberry lemonade on a hot summer day? This is a simple 50/50 mix, using Raspberry Mint and Lemon Mint from the Nakhla Ice line. This is a perfect refreshing mix for the impending summer heat!


4. Caramel Frap - 50% Nakhla El Basha Caramel + 50% Nakhla Cappuccino -  This is a nice breakfast mix, of which most people recommend smoking with your morning coffee for optimal results. This is just a quick 50/50 mix of Nakhla El Basha Caramel with Nakhla Cappuccino creates a strong frappuccino flavored blend, with a strong cappuccino inhale and a light, smooth caramel exhale. This blend smoke really well with an added part of Nakhla Vanilla, although it's not totally necessary. 


5. The Bowl is Mine - 34% Nakhla Cinnamon + 33% Nakhla Mint + 33% Nakhla Brandy -  The Bowl is Mine Nakhla mix is inspired by Brandy Nakhla. You may be too young to understand the reference, but you're old enough to try this mix, right? It's a simple 3 part mix, with equal parts Nakhla Cinnamon, Mint, and Brandy. The prevalence of the cinnamon makes the bowl very 'warm', although the mint helps to balance it out, and the Brandy really blends the entire mix together giving it a full bodied flavor. 

Again, these Nakhla shisha mixes are just our Top 5 favorites that we have tried here so far, but the combinations are literally infinite. We'd love to hear your feedback on these flavors, and recommended mixes you've tried in the past! 

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