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Al Fakher Hookah Coals Product Review

Al Fakher coconut hookah coals are a bit of a hidden gem in terms of hookah charcoals. Their coconut coals are 100% all natural and are odorless and tasteless like other coconut coals. Since they make such terrific shisha tobacco, Al Fakher doesn't get the recognition they deserve in regards to their own branded hookah coals. There have been quicklight versions of Al Fakher coals in the past, and since the coconut charcoal boom took over the hookah world, they've since created their own coconut hookah coals to throw their hat in the ring of competition. We haven't tried the Al Fakher coconut coals in a while, so we sparked up a bowl and put these coals to the test.

Lighting Technique

We lit these up using the basic single coil heater you can get on our site or a local sporting goods store. If your stove has electric heating coals, you can also cook your coals on your stove top, although they will leave behind a bit of a mess. It takes less than 10 minutes to get these coals cooked thoroughly enough for use. When we cooked ours, we gave them 5 minutes on one side, then flipped them and gave them another few minutes. These coals are a bit thinner than your typical Coco Nara or Titanium hookah coals, so you can get them rolling a bit quicker than those particular brands. Overall, the lighting experience with these coals is super quick and simple. 

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Odor (or lack thereof)

While these coals are getting lit, they definitely put off a bit of a smell of charcoal that subsides the longer these are cooked. While smoking a hookah, you may notice a very slight coal smell, if any, but it is a very light aroma. Overall, these coals do not put off nearly the same amount of unpleasant aroma as most coals on the market.


The Al Fakher Coconut Coals are pretty great when it comes to the taste, as there is little to none. The only thing we noticed in regards to the flavor is that, since the coals put off a slight odor while smoking, it may affect the way the bowl hits your pallette, causing you to "taste" the coals by smelling them. However, we did not notice any taste coming off of the actual coals themselves. 



Despite the fact that these coals are slightly smaller than some of the more standard brands of coconut coal, they burn a surprisingly long time. We put 4 coals on a Kaloud Lotus, and we were able to get about 50 minutes of life from ours before they were rendered ineffective. We read some other online reviews from people who claimed to get their Al Fakher Coals to burn for just over an hour, so there is definitely some longevity to these coals. Of course, you can always extend your session by rotating in new coals at any point within the first 45 minutes or so. Or if you prefer single sessions that go for less than one hour, these coals may be the way to go for you.

Ash Production

As with any coals, you're going to experience a bit of ash production with those coals on par with the big brands like Titanium Hookah Coals. Since these coals are relatively thin, they can seem to be a little ashier than other brands.

Overall Product Score - 8.5/10

We rated the Al Fakher Coconut Hookah Coals an 8.5 out of 10. These coals burn for quite some time, despite their relatively small stature. They don't put off too much of a bad aroma or flavor while smoking, making for a virtually ideal smoke session. The only reason these coals don't get a 10 is due to their small size and inconsistency from coal to coal. Not all the coals are uniformly the exact same in size or compactness, so we can definitely foresee that being an issue for some of our more veteran hookah smokers. 

In the end, we are confident that these coals can be a mainstay in your coal collection. They are also a great alternative if you are unhappy with other brands of coal and want to try something new. What do YOU think? Try these coals, and let us know in the reviews below! 

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