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What's the Best Hookah Hose? - The Most Popular Hoses for Hookahs

We are often asked which hookah hoses are the best, and if you ask 10 hookah experts, you may get 10 different answers.  So what gives?  Each hose has it's strength and weaknesses depending on the preference of each individual hookah user.  Here is a breakdown of the most popular hookah hoses with the best reviews.

High Quality Silicone Hoses

Within the past year or so, silicone hookah hoses have taken the hookahverse by storm. The silicone hoses we feature here at Hookah Company are all comprised of high-quality, medical grade silicone material the likes of which is used in hospitals and science labs. A major advantage to using silicone hoses is that they are much more resistant to flavor ghosting which means you get fresh taste from each hookah session. They are also a lot more flexible and lighter than traditional hoses, making for easy storage and even easier passing amongst friends!

Nammor Hookah Hose

The D-Hose 2.0 Hybrid Edition silicone hookah hose is one of the top selling hoses in all the land. With a length of 72" and a foot long aluminum handle, this durable smoke monster is a perfect main hose for any hookah. Pharaoh's Swivel Hookah Hose The Pharaoh's Swivel Hookah Hose is a silicone hookah hose with a twist - literally! This hose swivels at the point where it attaches to the hose port so you never have to worry about tipping your hookah over by the hose ever again!

Deezer Freezable Hose

Regular hoses aren't cool enough for you? The Deezer Freezable Hose offers a freezable mouthtip to provide a cool down option for that harsh hookah smoke. It may look a little short based on the photo, but this masterpiece totals out at about 74 inches in length!

Lulava Silicone Hookah Hose

Featuring a short and compact aluminum hookah hose handle, the Lulava Hookah Hose is a perfect little hose for easy storage, quality smoke flavor and production. The Lulava hose isn't technically comprised of silicone, but dishwasher safe and FDA approved vinyl. 


Nammor Hookah Hoses

Nammor Hookah Hoses are well known and highly regarded as the best hookah hose.  They are engineered to have the smoothest, unrestricted air-flow of any hookah hose, making it easy to puff the biggest clouds!  Nammor hoses come in a wide variety of colors and designs as well.  The Nammor hookah hose is washable, so you can enjoy a clean hookah hose and the best-tasting shisha flavors.  You can upgrade your Nammor hose with the Mystique Ice Hose Tip, new hookah accessory that chills the smoke for up to an hour while you smoke.

Nammor Hookah Hose

The Original Nammor Hose is available in 10 colors and in 62" and 72" lengths.  This is the hookah hose that changed the entire hookah hose industry in 2007. Fretted Nammor Hookah Hose The Fretted Nammor Hose is a new version of the classic Nammor hose. With a soft spongy handle, vibrant colors, and modern design, the Fretted Nammor hose has quickly become a best seller.

Chrome Nammor Hookah Hose

The Chrome Nammor Hose features a silver handle and with alternating clear and chrome beads on the mouth piece.  This mouth piece is removable and the hose is fully washable for clean flavors and big clouds.

Banded Nammor Hookah Hose

As one of the newest styles of the Nammor Hose, the Banded Nammorbrings a more traditional look to a hookah hose on the cutting edge of hookah hose innovation.  The Banded hose is available in 4 colors and has traditional tassles on the handle.


Inexpensive Washable Hookah Hoses

Everyone loves to save a buck and these hoses offer exceptional functionality at a very low price.  Cheap washable hookah hoses are popular and highly favored by many hookah smokers because they are easy to clean hookah hoses.  Some shisha flavors may "ghost," meaning that you can taste the bowl of Mint you smoked yesterday eventhough you just loaded a fresh bowl of Watermelon shisha.  Washable hookah hoses are easily cleaned giving you a pure flavor with every hookah session.

Tonic Washable Hose for Hookah

Tonic Washable Hookah Hoses are inexpenive and available in 16 colors, including a "glow-in-the-dark."  This hose has an big brother too!  The Tonic Long Handle Washable Hose has a more traditional look and feel but has the same washable hookah hose interior. Egyptian Washable Hose Egyptian Washable Hookah Hoses are super basic and super affordable, at just under $2 per hose. These plastic washable hoses are incredibly low maintenance and affordable enough that you can buy 10-20 at a time and stock up for the long winters or hot summers!

NuHose Washable Hoses

The NuHose Washable Hose is very affordable and is available in 7 colors.  This hose is hygenic and can be used as a disposable hookah hose, or smoke, wash, rinse, and repeat! It's simple! Tonic Washable Cobra Hose Tonic Washable Cobra Hoses are another great washable hookah hose option from Tonic, featuring sweet cobra head handles and measuring out to 74" in length for maximum range.

Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hoses

KM or Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hoses are made in Egypt and often have a more exotic appearance.  Though you can run water through them to clean the hose, the water can degrade the hose lining and will eventually lead to an early death of your hookah hose.  These hookah hoses are known for large handles, traditional materials, and wide open air-flow.  Here are some of the best Khalil Mamoon hookah hoses available today.

The Beast hose is just that...a BEAST!  This hookah hose has an extra large handle and an extra wide diameter for maximium air flow.  If you want to feel the power in your hands, unleash the beast at your next hookah party.

KM Beast Hookah Hose The KM Beast Hose is just that...a BEAST! This hookah hose has an extra large handle and an extra wide diameter for maximium air flow. If you want to feel the power in your hands, unleash the beast at your next hookah party. Khalil Mamoon Beast Hose - Signature The Signature Beast Hose from Khalil Mamoon takes the already infamous Beast Hose and adds more refinement.  The handle has a finer finsh with accents at top and bottom and features the Khalil Mamoon signature on the hookah hose handle.  This hose combines both beauty and the beast!
KM Glitter Hookah Hose The Khalil Mamoon Glitter Hookah Hose is similar to a basic KM Hookah Hose, but the handle features a metallic "glitter" threading that gives this hookah hose some extra "bling.", Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hose The KM Rainbow Hose is available in 6 colors and features a long multi-colored handle.  These hoses have a wide bore and have great air-flow.  The Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hose also is available with a Starbuzz Handle design.


Mya Saray Hookah Hoses

Many hookah smokers love Mya Saray hoses because of their high quality.  Mya Hoses are also highly compatible with almost any hookah on the market, so it is very easy to upgrade your current hookah to a Mya Hookah Hose without worrying about whether it will fit.  Mya hoses are available in basic as well as premium versions, so there is a perfect Mya hookah hose for any style at any budget that will fit almost every hookah!

Mya Silicone Hose

The Mya Silicone Hookah Hose could have fallen into the silicone hose category above, but since this is Mya's exclusive silicone hose, it goes here! This hose is 72" long and available in a couple different colors and is made up of lab grade silicone. Mya Freeze Ice Tip Hose The Mya Freeze Hose has a hollow hookah hose handle that holds a specially designed freezeble packet.  Much like the Deezer Freezable hose above. As the air passes through the handle, the smoke is chilled just before you inhale, for a cool cloud of refreshingly flavored smoke. 

Mya Hose for Hookah

The Mya Saray Wood Handle Hose is one of the best all around hoses because its easy to use, flexible, and is relatively inexpensive.  The Mya Hookah Hose is 72" long and you can choose from 9 colors! Mya Long Wood Handle Hookah Hose The Mya Long Wood Handle Hookah Hose features the same wood material as the regular Mya Wood Handle hose, but is slightly longer for a little easier handling. Pick up one of these if you like classy wood handled hoses!

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