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Fumari (Apple Blend) Fumari Shisha

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Fumari Shisha Tobacco and How it All Started

So you may be confused by this enigmatic shisha.  Is Fumari a brand or flavor?  What is Fumari?  It's the flavor that started it all.  Did you know that Fumari is one of the best hookah lounges in the country?  You can walk right into their southern California hookah bar and grab a bowl of this delicious blend if you are in the area!  One day, the lounge started making their own shisha.  It was so much better than any other hookah  tobacco on the market at the time, that their sales exploded and BAM! this excellent shisha went into production and is widely available today.

Fumari Tobacco's Fumari Flavor Description

Fumari flavored shisha is a custom blend of apple flavors. You can detect the sweet apple notes that fade into more tangy green apples.  It doesn't get too bogged down by overpowering anise flavors which we love! The exact ratio of Fuji and Fiji, Golden to Granny, Big Red to Honey Crisp apples is a tightly guarded secret. What we do know is that this flavor was tasty enough on its own to birth shisha royalty.  We consider Fumari to be a subtle yet bold, sweet but balanced apple flavor that is the perfect bowl for a smooth smoke any time of day.

Why Try Fumari Fumari Apple Blend?

Did you just read that flavor description?!  If you have any tastebuds left and they aren't screaming like a banshee for taste of this flavor, let me spell it out for you.  This is one of those flavors that has all the elements of a simple, sweet and smooth smoke that will make a hookah fan out of any hookah skeptics, but has an intriguing depth that satisfies the discriminating palet of the true hookah connoisseur.  If you ever find yourself in the mood for a classic apple flavor that hasn't been over processed, candied or modified beyond recognition, this is the perfect shisha to smoke.

Fumari (Apple Blend) Shisha Mix Recommendations

75% Fumari Fumari + 25% Fumari Mint - (We like to call it F3Mint)  This apple mint combo adds cool finish to this already smooth smoke.  For some, everything is better with mint.  This just proves it!

65% Fumari Fumari + 35% Fumari Island Papaya - The Island Papaya is a powerful, tropical blast of flavor, but the sweet Fumari shisha tempers it into a delicious blend that you just can't put down!

If you come up with a great hookah mix of your own using this Fumari Apple Blend, click "Reviews" and give us your flavor review or mix recommendation!

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