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Super Pack (3 X Golden Coals) - 40 mm


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Product# Coal-Golden-SuperPack(x3)-40
  • Super Pack (3 X Golden Coals) - 40 mm
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  • These are very high quality quick-lighting Golden Charcoals manufactured in Holland. This item contains 3 boxes (300 individual pieces) of charcoal, and each piece is 1.6 inches (40mm) in diameter.

    Lighting these coals are a breeze - simply hold one or two pieces with your tongs and light them with a lighter.  They'll start to spark and will be completely ignited in less than a minute (for best results, wait until they are fully white before placing them on your bowl).  Each piece will last up to 75 minutes, depending on how you smoke your hookah.  Golden Charcoals have been tested and last longer than any other quick lighting charcoals on the market.

    In addition, these charcoals don’t have that unpleasant 'chemical' taste or odor to them. Golden Charcoals use a vegetable-based accelerant and are specifically produced for hookah smoking, unlike many other brands of quick-light coals that are originally made for burning incense and re-packaged as hookah coals.

    You will not find higher quality quick lighting charcoals on the market! These charcoals are ideal for hookah smokers that want to be able to set up and smoke the hookah with minimal time.

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