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Golden Bahraini Apple Al Fakher Shisha

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Al Fakher Golden Bahraini Apple

Bahraini Apple from the Al Fakher Golden line features the simply sweet flavors of red apples. Upon opening up the jar, you will immediately notice the fragrance of molasses and red apples and that flavor comes through while smoking as well. As you would expect from a fresh red apple, this flavor is quite crisp and contains light undertones of tartness. 

While most apple flavors contain hints of anise (licorice), Golden Bahraini Apple will be much lighter on these unmistakable flavors. Those with a discerning palate will still recognize the anise, but overall the crisp red apple will be the prominent flavor in this shisha tobacco. 

We recommend mixing Bahraini Apple with just a pinch of your favorite mint to create a smooth, cooling sensation throughout your session. Of course we always encourage you to get creative and put together your own unique mixes, so pick up a jar of Golden Bahraini Apple and go wild! 
Golden Bahraini Apple Al Fakher shisha is available in 250g size packages.

Note: You must be 21 years of age older to purchase this product

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Golden Bahraini Apple Al Fakher Shisha Reviews
Golden Bahraini Apple Al Fakher Shisha has a average rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews.
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Reviewed by Ramshakle
Comments about Golden Bahraini Apple Al Fakher Shisha:

This is it ! You have landed on solid ground here if you already purchased Al Fakher Bahraini Golden Apple...or if you are about to !The good news :1. Hardly any stems.2. Completely devoid of the frequently off-putting anise (licorice).3.Very juicy.4. Very slight enriching spicy undertone.5. The smell and flavour is consistant through out the session.The bad news :1. Using a regular egyptian or syrian phunnel leads to problems with the honey juice leaking through the orifices.Try Tangiers phunnel instead.Gives the session longer duration and less burnt-out taste.2.Somehow, despite how great this shisha is, it tends to bore you out after a while maybe because of the un-complex taste and the monotony of it.To solve this problem try adding some Vanilla Al Fakher ( 1:4 ratio) or Chocolate Al Fakher (1:5 ratio) and likewise mint if you will.My own favourite is mixing Golden Al Fakher Apple Eskandarni with this apple shisha ( 1:3 ratio).It gives it more exotic and volatile taste.All in all I'd highly recommend this product and will certainly buy more of it. It's an already a main staple in my collection.Enjoy !Ramshakle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this expired tobacco?
A: No, this is shisha tobacco is not expired.

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