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Golden Eskandarani Apple Al Fakher

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Al Fakher Golden Eskandarani Apple

Eskandarani Apple is part of the Al Fakher "Golden" Shisha Tobacco series that serves up a well balanced green apple flavor. As you would expect from a green apple, this shisha tobacco will primarily be sweet with subtle notes of a sour crispness. Once you open the jar, your nostrils will be flooded with the sweet smell of fresh green apples and that smell translates over to the smoke almost exactly. 

Most apple flavors will contain notes of anise (licorice), and that is true for Eskandarani Apple to a certain extent. That being said, Al Fakher primarily focuses on the sweetness of the green apple and tones down the anise fairly significantly. The discerning palate will still recognize the light anise notes, but overall the apple will be the main player here.

We recommend mixing this shisha flavor with your favorite mint to provide a smooth, cooling effect that really brings Eskandarani Apple up a notch, but of course we always encourage creativity and love to hear about unique mixes, so don't be afraid to get crazy with it!

Golden Eskandarani Apple Al Fakher shisha is available in 250g size packages.

Note: You must be 21 years of age older to purchase this product

(2 reviews)

Golden Eskandarani Apple Al Fakher Reviews
Golden Eskandarani Apple Al Fakher has a average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews.
Overall Product Feeling:
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Should have a place on your shelf
Reviewed by Ramshakle
Comments about Golden Eskandarani Apple Al Fakher:

Golden Eskandarani Apple from Al Fakher is good stuff.When Al Fakher guys describe their products as Golden it generally means the total lack of stems or in the worst condition very few ones. A joyous state of affairs.It aslo means more juice in the package and better refined tobacco leafs.All these superior qualities come against the cost of 2-3 dollars extra for a 250gm tin.I'd say this is a win-win deal , so consider the Golden Line when attempting to buy something from Al Fakher.This is a rule worth remembering.This product is light brown in colour with a shade of green in it. It's overly sweet and pleasant.No anise what-so-ever.It gives tornadoes of smoke but it's also heat sensitive.You may want to keep moving your smaller-than-average 3 coals around lest you over-burn the head.Double layered aluminium file (with the shiny side downwards against the tobacco).It is a smart and simple manouver to arrange when packing your head.Lots of ice-cubes when added to the water- container functions to smoothe your smoking session and dilute the burnt taste that is more likely to be noticed when smoking these heat-sensitive type of shishas.This shisha is ,as mentioned already , sweet in a welcomed way but not candy-sweet which is a plus.Don't let the green in this shisha fool you:- It's not sour.There is a flowery taste in the blend that is refreshing.Not sure what flower ,but don?t panic, it?'s a mild tinge and can be noticed in the after-taste.The floral tinge of the taste can bore you out (flour as in powder ).I don't know really where this comes from but you can make your way around this problem if you happened to have Layalina Bahraini apple or Golden Apple Alfakher to mix this in 1:1 ratio.If you have Starbuzz exotic apple shisha you became frustrated with its weak flavour , or if you have Fusion Double Apple (or any other double-apple brand) that is annoying you with the heavy dose of anise (licorice) bomb in it, then in such events Golden Eskandarani Apple Al Fakher comes in the picture to cure those disease . 3 portions Eskandarani :1 portion double apple and you got the problem solved.I personally smoke Eskandarani mixed with little Vanilla ( 3 portions Eskandarani : 11portion Vanilla).This blend makes a party shisha which tastes like creamy apple-pie.Good for a change if you're in a gloomy mood and have no strength to struggle in quest to get a shisha tasting accurately.One thing you need to know about Golden Eskandarani Apple from Al fakher : It closely resembles Sour Apple from Fusion brand. So don't buy these 2 on the same order .Al Fakher's product is without a doubt superior and has about the same price.I gave this shisha a rating of 3 / 5 because there is no 3.5 /5 to choose. 4 /5 would be an over-blown rating because I know this Shisha tends to bore the hard-core shisha smoker like myself due to the floral ingrediense.Nevertheless, this is a product that I will happily buy more of.If not for the taste of it by itself then for its healing powers should another apple shisha let med down .Now, allow me to take a long,long puff of this shisha which is calling me right now.Enjoy.Ramshakle

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Just delicious!
Reviewed by Martin
Comments about Golden Eskandarani Apple Al Fakher:

There's not much to say.. the tobacco is just sweet & sour like green apples, mild and you have to care about the heat.I'm loving it and it's so difficult to buy it in Germany.Try it!Greetings,Martin

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