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40" Lavoo MP1-X Glass on Glass Hookah

Product# Hookah-Lavoo-MP1-X
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The Lavoo MP1-X is probably the most unique looking hookah we have ever carried. It is truly a sight to see and even seeing it in photos can't truly prepare you for how cool this huge hookah pipe is in person. The MP1-X consists of 5 pieces:

1) Custom Black Metal Stand
2) Lavoo MP1-X Body
3) Lavoo MP1-X Bowl/Downstem Combo (One Piece)
4) Lavoo Release Valve (with Glass BB)
5) 72 Inch Washable Hookah Hose

The one piece glass hookah bowl/downstem combo extends almost halfway down the body of the hookah itself.  The included stand is very minimalist and is really sharp looking. It is 100% necessary for this hookah to function as it could not stand on it's own.  You could probably design your own custom stand for the MP1-X and as this hookah slowly makes it's way out into the hands of consumers I'm sure we will all see some cool custom stands for this bad boy.  

As with all Lavoo hookahs, the craftmanship is unparalleled and each connection is made with a ground glass on glass seal.  If you are the type who loves inventive modern design, and always wants to have the coolest looking hookah on the block, add the MP1-X to that wishlist.  They don't make them much cooler than this one.

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