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19" MYA Helix Hookah

Product# MYA-HELIX
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The 19" tall Mya Helix hookah pipe lends true innovation to the art of hookah smoking. Featuring an attractive and sturdy glass bass with gold embossing and subtle etching, the Mya Helix's most advanced feature is its metal cap design.

Containing a large rubber grommet, the cap of the Helix presses firmly into place, ensuring repeated air tight seals and easy cleaning. The hookah bowl features a built in tray that eliminates the need for foil, and the purge valve sits on top of the hookah, letting gravity take care of getting the bb perfectly back in place after every purge. (If you'd like to use a different bowl, just attach the bowl of your choice, after threading on the necessary Mya converter).

The Helix Mya hookah comes in 10 base colors and includes a 60" Mya washable hose.
Mya Helix Hookah AmberMya Helix Hookah AquaMya Helix Hookah ClearMya Helix Hookah Dark BlueMya Helix Hookah Dark GreenMya Helix Hookah GreyMya Helix Hookah Light BlueMya Helix Hookah Light GreenMya Helix Hookah SmokeMya Helix Hookah DetailMya Helix Hookah PartsMya Helix Hookah Bowl

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