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Horchata Cajeta Social Smoke Shisha

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Horchata Cajeta Social Smoke Flavor Description

To best explain the incredible taste of Horchata Cajeta Social Smoke Shisha, we must first break down this flavor into its two parts. First, horchata is a drink that originated in the Valencia region of Spain that is made using rice milk, certain kinds of nuts, and cinnamon. It is regarded as a refreshing, light, and sweet summer drink. Second, cajeta is a thick caramel tasting syrup that is traditionally made from caramelized goat's milk.

These two flavors combine to create a creamy, caramel-cinnamon tasting wonder of a shisha tobacco. This shisha is delicious, the clouds are thick, and the unwashed tobacco used to make the shisha gives you a decent buzz. If you are looking to branch out and try something new, this is a shisha flavor you'll want to pick up.

Recommended Horchata Cajeta Social Smoke Mixes

Cajeta and Dulce De Leche are nearly the same thing, so mixing Horchata Cajeta with Dulce De Leche Social Smoke might not be a bad idea at all! Also, adding some French Vanilla Social Smoke to your bowl of Horchata Cajeta would add some additional cream notes.

Go crazy and try some wild shisha mixes using this unique flavor! If you find some particularly awesome mixtures, we want to hear about them. Click on the "Reviews" tab to share your mix recommendations, as well as your flavor reviews.

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