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Japanese Yuzu Social Smoke Shisha

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Japanese Yuzu Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco

The Japanese Yuzu is a rare Japanese fruit that is a hybrid of mandarin orange and the Ichnang Papeda found in China, which is basically a lemon fruit. This delectable mix is both a tangy citrus like an orange and a bit tart. This is a terrific blend for those hot summer evenings. Japanese Yuzu not only features this delicious flavor, the unwashed tobacco leaves provide a nice head buzz, and the juiciness of the shisha helps make massive clouds!

Why Try Japanese Yuzu? 

This is the ultimate citrus blend, so if you are a fan of citrus we definitely recommend the Japanese Yuzu. The tartness of the blend is complemented by a nice floral exhale, alleviating the sour aftertaste that typically accompanies a citrus blend.

Recommended Japanese Yuzu Shisha Mixes

Go ahead and do yourself a favor by picking up a tin of Pear Chill Social Smoke to mix with your bowl of Japanese Yuzu. It's like adding a honey crusted lemon flavor to the sweet taste of pear, with that slight chill note of mint on the side. 

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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