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12" Lavoo MP5-X Glass on Glass Hookah

Product# Hookah-Lavoo-MP5-X
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Lavoo MP5-X Hookah

Well I know what my next hookah purchase is going to be. The Lavoo MP5-X is one of our newest glass hookah pipes, and like all Lavoo hookahs, this state-of-the-art hookah caters to sophisticated smokers. The Lavoo MPX-5 beautifully marries simplicity, elegance and performance; more simply put, easy smoking and some big ol' clouds. 

Based on a unique horizontal design, the main chamber of this glass hookah is only 12 inches long, with a four inch diameter. However, if you bust out your calculus, you'll realize this creates a lot of volume. How much? You do the math, I'll write the descriptions; let's just say more than you'd think. With this model you also get a wheel-shaped difuser stem, a glass "vortex" style bowl, and compact design. 

Included with your new Lavoo MP5-X hookah is a glass bowl and built-in down-stem, glass release valve with glass BB, a glass diffuser, and a black washable hookah hose. In a word, everything you need to start smoking like a pro. 

Note: You must be 21 years of age older to purchase this product.

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