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Lemon Hookafina Shisha

Product# HF-Lemon
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Lemon Hookafina Shisha Flavor Description

Who doesn't love lemon flavored shisha? It's sweet, it's tangy, zesty, and fresh. It's a bright flavor that mixes well with almost everything and conjures up memories of a warm summer's day. This is a sweet and crisp lemon flavored shisha tobacco that is a good nod to the fruit, and is a solid addition to the many lemon shisha flavors in the hookah world. The tobacco is pretty juicy, which is typical for Hookafina shisha, and it helps you produce some massive thunderclouds.

Recommended Lemon Hookafina Shisha Mixes

What doesn't lemon mix well with? After mint, lemon shisha is probably one of the best mixer shisha flavors out there. Mixing mint and lemon is kind of a given, so let's get creative shall we? Go tropical and mix Lemon with Mango Hookafina and Pineapple Hookafina. Or go for an awesome berry-lemon concoction by mixing lemon with Raspberry Hookafina, Blackberry Hookafina, and Blueberry Hookafina

Mix on, friends! If you've come up with any crazy, adventurous, mind-blowing shisha mixes using Lemon Hookafina we would love to hear about them! Click the "Reviews" tab to share your shisha mixture recommendations and to let us know what you think about this flavor of shisha tobacco.

Pick up Lemon Hookafina Shisha tobacco in 100g or 250g tins.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product

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