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Lemon Fumari Shisha

Product# FUM-Lemon
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Fumari Lemon Shisha Description

Hot day, cool pitcher of lemonade. Sound pretty great, right? It's just hard to go wrong with anything lemon flavored - it's sweet, zesty, and fresh. Lemon is one of the classic flavors of shisha tobacco, and Fumari's take on this citrus all-star flavor is top notch.

Fumari Lemon Shisha Tobacco is a tart, fresh lemon flavor; Fumari perfected the zest aroma of cutting open a ripe lemon. On the inhale, there is a pleasantly tart tone to the smoke. The exhale has a sweeter finish that balances the tobacco out for a wonderful experience. Expect any blend from Fumari to have bold and long lasting flavor due to the unique cut and juicy saturation of their shisha . This flagship flavor really leaves it all on the field (in on your taste buds) in terms of staying true to its muse.

Why Try This Hookah Tobacco?

Fumari is known by hookah smokers the world over for making exciting, true to form blends of hookah tobacco. Winter is coming so it's time to cuddle up with your favorite hookah and expand your shisha palate. Fumari Lemon is an amazing flavor that can hold it's own against all other Lemon mixes. If you love lemon, look no further.
Fumari is an amber colored, short cut, brand exclusive juicy blend of hookah tobacco.

Hookah Mix Recommendations

Lemon is one of those flavors that mixes well with a wide variety of shisha. Not only does Fumari Lemon smoke beautifully on its own, but we find that it is also great to mix with Mint tobacco flavors as well as fruits like Fumari Island Papaya.  

Mix this shisha tobacco with Fumari White Gummi Bear to bring out the tart, sweet taste of Fumari Lemon. We recommend a 80-20 blend, the majority being the White Gummi Bear for best results. Keep the flavors separate to make the most of the individual strengths of the two blends. It's also a good idea to dab some of the excess juices off the shisha before loading your bowl for better smoke production. 

If you come up with a great hookah mix of your own using this Lemon Fumari shisha tobacco flavor, we want to hear about it. Click "Reviews" to give us your flavor review and mix recommendations. Happy mixing!

Pick up this Lemon Fumari Shisha in 100g or 1000g (1 Kilo) pouches.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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