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Mazaj Hookah Bowl

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Mazaj Hookah Bowl

Get ready for some good vibes with the Mazaj Hookah Bowl, a super durable glass bowl made of Pyrex that handles heat spectacularly. The word "Mazaj" means "mood" in Arabic, symbolic of the love and passion put into making this bowl and the good feels it'll give you as you smoke it. Being made from Pyrex glass, the Mazaj bowl is highly resistant to damage from extreme temperature shifts. This means no cracks or breaking when you put coals on! Still though, be careful!

Design of the Mazaj Bowl

The exterior of the bowl has a rigid octagon shape, while the inside is a smooth circle - all done with specific purpose! The straight edges of the exterior help when arranging coals on the bowl, and the circular interior helps distribute heat evenly to all the shisha to give you the best tasting bowl possible. The central phunnel design of the Mazaj bowl helps retain juices from particularly wet cuts of shisha tobacco, which improves and gives more life to the bowl's flavor; it also prevents shisha juice from leaking onto your bowl!

Specs of the Mazaj Bowl

The straight octagon shape of the outside of the Mazaj is designed for coal placement when using regular tin foil, however the Mazaj bowl does work with the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System if you want! The inside of the bowl is pretty deep and will hold anywhere from 25-35 grams of shisha tobacco depending on what cut of shisha you're using and the packing method you employ.

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