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Mya Coppa Hookah

Product# Mya-Coppa
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It's time to grab a nice cuppa shisha with the all-new Mya Coppa Hookah. This small hookah has a sturdy glass base that looks like a coffee mug - it even has a handle! The Coppa hookah will put out massive amounts of tasty clouds, like a hot coffee mug steaming on a cold morning. The Mya Coppa includes a 6-foot Mya hose and a Mya Ceramic bowl. The beautifully designed glass base is available in seven different colors. 

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product. 

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Mya Coppa Hookah Reviews
Mya Coppa Hookah has a average rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews.
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Good for on the go - Watch the heat -
Reviewed by Donald Brown
Comments about Mya Coppa Hookah:

If you are going to be traveling and own a big hookah or a glass one like I do then this one is great - It's small compact and makes pretty good clouds - Although, the screen on the top I had to remove and make foil screen as you would do with say a vortex bowl because that screen does not let enough heat pass - That being said because it is so small it can go from no smoke to take like I'm chewing charcoal very quickly - Heat management is moderately difficult - Overall it is not bad and certainly not even close to the worst hookah out there - Astetics wise, it is very well made and pleasing to look at - It's kinda cute I guess I would say - It does feel sturdy and well made the seals are very good, but I had to mess around with my blow out valve because it is encased in a rubber tube mine has the tendency to get stuck and kill the airflow - Be very careful clearing the hookah because the stem is so short, blow just a little to hard and you will soak the tobacco and possibly the coals -

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